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Oh, just click here and do this and double click that …

Seniors helping seniors overcome computer terror. 3345171/ midstate-seniors-using-classes.html

I volunteered recently to help teach seniors how to use computers. Basic. First steps. As in, this is a hard drive, this is a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc., and here’s the button to turn it on. Don’t be afraid of it – it can’t do anything without you. Relax.

The gentleman currently teaching the class brusquely confronted me, first thing, and asked, “What’s your background?” Dumbfounded, I said, I was self-taught, had been using computers for almost 30 years, and was good at working with people who were new to, and afraid of, computers.

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They all try to put us down…

I’ve seen this before, some time ago, but when I ran across it again yesterday I was suddenly struck by the thought that it’s The Zimmers singing about me and my generation now, instead of The Who.

It’s entertaining to realize that as kids we thought we rocked the world, and we were blamed for the country’s social ills. Now we’re at it again, this time we’re blamed for ruining Social Security and Medicare and a slew of other things.

Every generation has something to be proud of, and something they wish would fade quickly into oblivion. Me? I’m sad we gave our returning Vietnam vets such an unconscionable “welcome” home. But, I take pride in being part of a generation that fought hard to end the war so no soldiers would have to go. Now? I’m sad many of us didn’t continue to fight for those same ideals, but I’m proud to be part of a generation that has made such a ruckus – at both ends of our lives.

So, sing it Zimmers! I’m off to join a picket line. I’ll be the one screaming “Hell no, we won’t go!” because I may be the last of a generation to remember a time without war.

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Spinning out into a bigger world

Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, v...
Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, vicinity of Caribou, Aroostook County, Me. Schools do not open until the potatoes are harvested.  (Personally, I think a post is better with a photo. That said, I have no idea what this has to do with my post, but  strangely it appeared in the suggeested photos list. Go figure.) Photo credit: The Library of Congress

I had the thought a couple of days ago that what makes me feel my age more than I think others do is that I didn’t have children. I never shared those milestones of a child’s life that make you think, “wow, they are getting older … and so am I.”

I don’t think I was aware of my aging self until about four or five years ago when it seems that suddenly everything just seemed to break down. A knee injury, a foot injury, crinkles at the corners of my eyes, and yes, this is gross, chin hairs. Continue reading “Spinning out into a bigger world”

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20 life lessons from a 65-year-old

Eat your broccoli.

Don’t bother to stop and smell the supermarket roses.

Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor what you think.

Give your cat anything he wants because he’ll just pester you until he gets it anyway.

Start Kegels and sit-ups when you’re ten and keep doing them until you die.

Marry someone who makes you laugh.

Read, then read more.

When times get tough, dance furiously.

Don’t listen to what people say about you.

Merry-go-rounds are for grownups. Swings, too.

Wear sunscreen even when you’re not at the beach.

Liver tastes gross for a reason.

Be generous.

Sleep as much as you want. Play even more.

Build a fort.

Fort or castle. Blankets or boards. Don't let anyone tell you what it should look like. (This one is from Apartment
Fort or castle. Blankets or boards. Don’t let anyone tell you what it should look like. This cool fort is from Apartment

Good people sometimes die young for no good reason.

Some things are more important than having a boyfriend.

Not everyone likes bossy people.

Even mosquitos and spiders are here for a reason.

Make your life plans flexible.

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Musing on Jude

Let’s face it. I’m getting older. I’ve got some gray hair, some “crinkles” and some extra weight. My knees bother me some. I’m given to fits of nostalgia. (And, hissies, but that’s for another post.)

I’m listening to some ’60s music and just heard “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. A great song which got me to wondering about it.

Paul with Julian on Magical Mystery Tour set.

It’s widely believed to have been written by Paul McCartney to comfort Julian Lennon, the son of then-divorcing parents, John and Cynthia Lennon. But some critics believe that Paul wrote it about John, saying Jude is short for Judas, the traitor, and that Paul was referring to the end of their long partnership, and maybe, friendship, as well as John’s relationship with Yoko Ono. (The Beatles did split, just a couple of years later in 1970.) It sounds a lot more like the latter me, written with lyrics far too old for a five-year-old. Still, even Julian (who claims to have been closer to Paul than his own dad) wrote “It’s very strange to think that someone has written a song about you. It still touches me.” A strange, sad story, no matter how you look at it.

Just so you know, “Hey Jude” was released as a single in summer 1968 and spent 19 weeks on the American charts, nine of them at #1. It set records — the longest time a Beatles tune spent at the #1 spot, the longest single to ever top the charts, and commercially. It was #1 in at least 12 countries. By the end of 1968 it had sold more than 5 million copies.

Which is all a long-about way to say, I’m amazed that “Hey Jude” is not listed among the top ten hits of the ’60s! The Beatles didn’t even make the top ten!!??

1 Good Vibrations Beach Boys
2 When A Man Loves A Woman Percy Sledge
3 Reach Out, I’ll Be There Four Tops
4 Gimme Some Lovin’ Spencer Davis Group
5 Ain’t Too Proud To Beg Temptations
6 Eight Miles High Byrds
7 For What It’s Worth Buffalo Springfield
8 Paint It Black Rolling Stones
9 You Keep Me Hangin’ On Supremes
10 Wild Thing Troggs

I know all those songs, remember them well. But more popular than “Hey Jude?” *shrug* Go figure.

This is not the best version available I’m sure (a live performance on the David Frost show in 1968) but it’s a great snapshot of the ’60s! Check out the hairstyles, clothes and the eyelashes on that one girl with the sky-high blond hair near the beginning. OMG. I AM old!!

What was tops in music when you graduated from high school? Check out Digital Dream Door to find your list. Just scroll to the bottom of the home page and look for Top 100 songs by year. Then let us know what the top songs were in the year you graduated from high school. Aw, come on. Everyone gets older. Every single year. Happens to the best of us.

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The beauty of older women

I admire older women. I like the look of older women — wrinkles, eye crinkles, gray hair and all. Older people have a depth that shows in their faces and left untouched it’s beautiful. It’s something you can’t fathom when you’re younger, slathering on the latest age-defying cream and vowing never to look that old.

Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith.  Source: Helayne Seidman For The Washington Post.

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Syphilis Jister

1950s Syphilis Jister. Source: www.

Sorry to disappoint you but this is not about some sexually transmitted disease. It’s about words people make up. Carry on.

My husband and his life-long friend, Doug, still speak some bizarre language that they started creating when they were five and met in kindergarten. The most peculiar words I’ve ever heard from them are “syphilis jister,” which in their language means TV Guide. Who knows? It’s not worth asking because they’d have no idea when, why or how they came up with it.

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