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The cycle of life

I hope you won’t be looking for some philosophical discussion or enlightenment here. I do know there is a rhythm to life, a cycle that repeats itself in humanity as well as in nature, as is visible in our lives on many levels. But, that’s all you’re going to get here.

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Totes amazeballs

A share from The Happy Hausfrau.

7 Things You Totes Need to Stop Saying if You’re Over 30 (Oops, There’s One of Them)

A lot of us are guilty of it. Especially those of us with teens, or tweens, or kids of any age who watch kid-centric television shows or who spend a lot of time on Instagram.

We start to talk like them. Words, phrases, the flotsam and jetsam of another generation’s vernacular seeps into ours and before you know it, we catch ourselves (or our friends) dropping these little beauties into everyday conversation, Facebook updates, blog posts and tweets.

Someone needs to step in now, and beg of us all: STOP IT. For the love of all things good and pure and age-appropriate, please stop. Continue reading “Totes amazeballs”

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I feel like that grumpy-faced cat

By the way, I hate that stupid cat. (One sentence in and already I digress.)

I’m feeling grumpy because I just spent five hours (five!!) putting together two applications for jobs I’m pretty sure I don’t even want. Not pretty sure, damned sure. The five hours is the result of a 10-round, knock-down, drag-out fight with the stupid website ( that was determined not to let me apply. My resume is done, my cover letters are almost rote by now, so all I had to do was answer three questions that were also terribly repetitive – about diversity, my ability to play nice with others, and my ability to work independently. Both positions are actually with the college I currently work for – and I know most of the people involved in the hiring and work process. This all smacks of a trap to get me to work a real job again.

As I write this, I’m wondering if NeoGov wasn’t actually on my side, sending up multiple red flags about the insanity of doing your best to get something you don’t want.

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They all try to put us down…

I’ve seen this before, some time ago, but when I ran across it again yesterday I was suddenly struck by the thought that it’s The Zimmers singing about me and my generation now, instead of The Who.

It’s entertaining to realize that as kids we thought we rocked the world, and we were blamed for the country’s social ills. Now we’re at it again, this time we’re blamed for ruining Social Security and Medicare and a slew of other things.

Every generation has something to be proud of, and something they wish would fade quickly into oblivion. Me? I’m sad we gave our returning Vietnam vets such an unconscionable “welcome” home. But, I take pride in being part of a generation that fought hard to end the war so no soldiers would have to go. Now? I’m sad many of us didn’t continue to fight for those same ideals, but I’m proud to be part of a generation that has made such a ruckus – at both ends of our lives.

So, sing it Zimmers! I’m off to join a picket line. I’ll be the one screaming “Hell no, we won’t go!” because I may be the last of a generation to remember a time without war.

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50 days … and daffodils

In 50 days my job ends. I find myself smiling all the time. Someone at work even commented how happy I look. (They don’t know about the job thing; it hasn’t yet been announced.)

I’m not losing my job in the sense of being fired, or I’d be here whining, I suppose. The job was a temporary, part-time thing for the academic year while they decided how they wanted to restructure/redefine the job. They restructured it into a full-time job and I’ve been smiling ever since because I don’t want it!

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Spinning out into a bigger world

Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, v...
Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, vicinity of Caribou, Aroostook County, Me. Schools do not open until the potatoes are harvested.  (Personally, I think a post is better with a photo. That said, I have no idea what this has to do with my post, but  strangely it appeared in the suggeested photos list. Go figure.) Photo credit: The Library of Congress

I had the thought a couple of days ago that what makes me feel my age more than I think others do is that I didn’t have children. I never shared those milestones of a child’s life that make you think, “wow, they are getting older … and so am I.”

I don’t think I was aware of my aging self until about four or five years ago when it seems that suddenly everything just seemed to break down. A knee injury, a foot injury, crinkles at the corners of my eyes, and yes, this is gross, chin hairs. Continue reading “Spinning out into a bigger world”

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20 life lessons from a 65-year-old

Eat your broccoli.

Don’t bother to stop and smell the supermarket roses.

Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor what you think.

Give your cat anything he wants because he’ll just pester you until he gets it anyway.

Start Kegels and sit-ups when you’re ten and keep doing them until you die.

Marry someone who makes you laugh.

Read, then read more.

When times get tough, dance furiously.

Don’t listen to what people say about you.

Merry-go-rounds are for grownups. Swings, too.

Wear sunscreen even when you’re not at the beach.

Liver tastes gross for a reason.

Be generous.

Sleep as much as you want. Play even more.

Build a fort.

Fort or castle. Blankets or boards. Don't let anyone tell you what it should look like. (This one is from Apartment
Fort or castle. Blankets or boards. Don’t let anyone tell you what it should look like. This cool fort is from Apartment

Good people sometimes die young for no good reason.

Some things are more important than having a boyfriend.

Not everyone likes bossy people.

Even mosquitos and spiders are here for a reason.

Make your life plans flexible.