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Random blog discovery: Crunchy Betty

Wow. You can call me Al, just don’t call me late to the “Crunchy Betty: You Have Food on Your Face” scene! (Although I suppose I already am, from the looks of things.)


Discovered this helpful and witty little site today and in the process found great new ideas for skin care, a hair volumizer, DIY fabric softener, the amazing things red wine does for your skin (and health), and loads of other tasty tidbits.

I'm hoping my hair looks a bit like this when I'm done. I'm sick of having fine hair.

It’s pretty much about food and stuff you find on your shelves and how you can use those things to make your own, uh, everything! Check it out, I’m sure you’ll find something to entertain you!

I’m off to try the “honey hair volumizer” and a coconut mojito because I worked hard in the yard all day laying bricks and all the mint in the drink should be very good for my sore muscles!!