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New use for my old Royal typewriter!

I was looking for an image to add to another post and stumbled across this.

The typewriter art of Keira Rathbone

This “typewriter art” is the work of an English woman named Keira Rathbone who collects typewriters and creates art with them!  Typewriter art began in the 1940s — who knew? Well, obviously someone did, but I always thought typewriters were for making art with words.

During an interview with PullTheMetal, Rathbone said her talent was born from the lack of literary inspiration.

Not knowing what to write, but still wanting to use the typewriter, I started to draw with it instead.

I love it! There’s hope for fame yet — I’ll just grow up to be an artist instead of trying to write the Great American Novel.

PS, the best way to see some of her work is, oddly, not on her website but by Googling “Keira Rathbone” and looking at images or by using the “PullTheMetal” link above.