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Watch me bleed and bang my head against the wall

Here I am, with all the ugly parts and all the funny parts combined. I’ve managed to (sloppily) merge all three of my blogs and realize they should all have been one to begin with. My health, the move to Italy, and the silliness are all parts of me, so why shouldn’t they all be in one blog?

That said, I’ll be bleeding about diabetes, depression, my A1C, and my efforts to get it all under control so I can leave for Italy taking no meds, or at least many fewer. I hesitated to discuss my depression on this blog, because I thought everyone expected me to just be funny. And, I am. Just not all the time.

I’m clinically depressed and struggle with it every day. Now it’s here and out in the open and will likely rear its ugly head again on these pages. I’m also going to be bleeding about my efforts to get in better shape…I think I hear the gym calling me.

The move to Italy is exciting, scary and will cause me to bang my head against the wall. The paperwork involved in getting my citizenship is a nightmare. I’m also busy disposing of everything we own so we can move with just two suitcases and passports in hand.

All this by July to October of 2015. I’m a planner by nature and (formerly) by profession, but this has me completely freaked out!

*breathe* *breathe*

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Blog-a-day-discovery: Simpler. Easier. Happier.

I’ve been trying off and on (more off than on lately) to declutter my life, downsize my possessions, just make life easier all around.

Part of the reason for this is that I have no family who will take on the project when I’m gone, part of it is that we want to move into a smaller space (having done our years of “more is better” “bigger houses are better houses”), and part of it is that we plan to move it Italy in the next 5 years or so. The latter should be motivation enough to have the house and garage empty by now, but alas, knowing that I’ve got 5 years makes the going a bit slower!

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Procrastination and the rapist for $100, Alex

Ok, I admit it. There is no downsizing going on here. No emotional attachment. No dread. Well, ok, some dread. Ok, a lot.  And, plenty, but plenty of procrastination.

What makes us procrastinate? There are likely lots of reasons; I’m just trying to figure out which apply in this case. (It’s a good way to procrastinate, after all, this “thinking” about stuff.) I’m just freaking lazy, let’s face it. I have plenty of energy for things I want to do. Well, “plenty” may be overstating it, but I can at least think about things I want to do without wanting to go back to bed.

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Downsizing. Dread. Emotional attachment. Procrastination.

Subtitled: Isn’t there a book that needs to be read?

I’m in the process of getting rid of a ton of our stuff. I want to move to Italy and we can’t possibly take all this stuff, nor do I feel an urgent need for my third grade spelling book to accompany me on the trip. And, I particularly don’t need all the stuff in boxes that we haven’t even opened since before we knew each other!

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