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Fine words and wisdom

I was just updating my “Fine Words and Wisdom” page with a quote from one of The Accidental Chef‘s posts and started wondering about what quotes mean to and about people. I realized, in rereading mine, that they provide a snapshot of who I am, what I believe and what I value.

In a recent post I wrote about an annual list I kept as a child — well into my 20s, actually. It’s a time capsule of who I was then and what I thought and felt. The similarity to the habit I have today of keeping a journal of quotes and pieces of writing that I identify with, just occurred to me as I reread some of those quotes this morning. Continue reading “Fine words and wisdom”

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Voice of velvet: Alan Rickman

If velvet had a voice, it would sound like Alan Rickman. ~ Sandy Bauers, The Philadelphia Inquirer

I recently discovered that a blogger I follow, “Turber” at Looser or Not, has a similar passion: Alan Rickman. She’s a bit more profuse in her methods of praise, but we both agree that he’s wonderfully talented and just as wonderful looking. He’s also got one of the two sexiest voices I’ve ever heard (the other being Sam Elliott‘s). Today, via her post about him, I discovered this gem.

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Shakespeare and sword fights

I’m a regular reader of Cul de Sac, the wonderful cartoon work of Richard Thompson. And, I love to read his blog which today mentioned his wife’s work with a group of 5th graders who are presenting Macbeth, complete with sword fights. What a great way to teach kids something like Shakespeare and have them really enjoy it! She blogs about it at The Scottish Play with Wee Ones.