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Beautiful old things: Ties

I love old ties. They fascinate me. For years I had a collection, before I finally decided it was one of those things I couldn’t move to Italy with me and gave to a friend who promised to give them new life in a quilt.

Vintage ties make me think of my dad and uncles who, like my grandfather, rarely went out without one in the 50s. When we visited family in the mid-west, the gatherings always included women in small-flower print dresses and ruffly aprons and men in white shirts and ties.

As I discovered via Google recently, lots of folks still treasure old ties, many putting them to other uses. Some very clever, some beautiful and some just strange. I mean, would you wear this dress?

How about this absolutely genius idea that I’m going to try for sure next year; all made with old ties!

This is brilliant! Photo and idea from

Or, you could just do this: Wear it.