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Black Shoes

Nice post from a new blogger. My “black shoes” was a vinyl lunch box that mom made me carry to junior high every day, even though it was totally out of fashion. Most kids bought their lunch at the cafeteria (something we were too poor to do) or at least carried a sack lunch – but no *cringe* vinyl lunch box!

Myra Jean

I never considered myself a popular kid in school. I blame this on the black shoes. They were boys shoes, clunky and black.  I was diagnosed with flat feet. In the 50’s that would keep you out of the military as a man and as a woman, it would make it hard on me to carry all the weight of pregnancy. It wshoesas considered a pretty serious problem.  My mother hauled me off to the podiatrist, who recommended exercises and orthotics. I faithfully did my exercises everyday – 20 toe raises and 20 foot curls. Looking down afterwards I would notice that they were still flat.
My mother wanted me to have sturdy shoes. I played hard and she wanted these shoes to last. I wanted the black & white oxfords. She headed for the boys shoes. “These,” she said, and pointed at the black boys shoes. No matter…

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Another strike in the friendly little shoe war

The shoe wars continue, obviously, as posted 48 minutes ago on MY Facebook page by my beautiful fashionista friend Janna.
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Only $895! What a deal for such a beautiful shoe…

Bow-Detail Platform Sandal
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It’s all about the shoes

In the interest of full disclosure, I love my friends. I really do. They are funny, down-to-earth, warm, loving, caring, and loyal women. They just have some strange addictions.

As one of my best friends, Janna, says, “It’s all about the shoes.” This from a woman who owns enough shoes to shod a small country. She’s beautiful and a total fashionista. She always looks like a million bucks and, I learned recently won’t touch a pair of flip flops!

My other bestie, Ginah, says it’s all about the purses. She’s a Coach collector — literally. She has a couple of hundred Coach collectible purses, as well as the 20 or so she actually uses. Ginah is beautiful, too, but no clothes horse. She’s a Hawaiian Island girl and, like me, she lives for jeans and comfy shirts. And, she loves her flip flops.

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