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Artist: Kathy Baldwin

A high school classmate, Kathy Baldwin, is an incredible artist. There are actually a couple of classmates who create wondrous art, but I thought I’d share some of Kathy’s.

Health, Wealth and Happiness. Kathy Baldwin

If you want to see more (and I urge you to take a look), just click her name above and you’ll get to samples of her work on her My Art and Photography page. Nice stuff.

When my Heart is on Fire and I’m in Love with it All! – A self portrait. Kathy Baldwin
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Writing? Uh, not so much.

I’ve been struggling with my writing lately. I write here and I make a very few comments and posts on Facebook, but I’ve not been able to buckle down to the novel I got a huge start on late last year. I’d like to get back to it, but nothing seems to work.

I’ve tried going back to read some of it, to put me in the right frame of mind, you know. Nothing. I just can’t recapture the place where my head was then. (I’m open to suggestion.)

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Beautiful old things: Ties

I love old ties. They fascinate me. For years I had a collection, before I finally decided it was one of those things I couldn’t move to Italy with me and gave to a friend who promised to give them new life in a quilt.

Vintage ties make me think of my dad and uncles who, like my grandfather, rarely went out without one in the 50s. When we visited family in the mid-west, the gatherings always included women in small-flower print dresses and ruffly aprons and men in white shirts and ties.

As I discovered via Google recently, lots of folks still treasure old ties, many putting them to other uses. Some very clever, some beautiful and some just strange. I mean, would you wear this dress?

How about this absolutely genius idea that I’m going to try for sure next year; all made with old ties!

This is brilliant! Photo and idea from

Or, you could just do this: Wear it.