I’m Emma. Just another mercurial child of the ’60s. A baby boomer, starting over after a late-in-life financial upheaval. Learning to live with major depression, aging, and health issues. Retired and looking for some purpose in life. Not exactly where I expected to be at this age.

What am I doing here? Did I miss something along the way? Shouldn’t I know all this by now?


13 thoughts on “About

    1. I do a post daily about discovering a new blog and link to that blog. I’m not ever sure (being a bit deprived in the knowledge of computers!) if that post gets linked back to the blog I mentioned. Yours was my “discovery” today, so if it didn’t get back to you, you can read the post on my blog.

    1. Thank you so much! I actually just got this award about a week ago, so you might want to pass it along to someone else.

      Still, one can never have too many awards! Thanks for thinking of me!

  1. Hi Emma,

    I love the topic of your blog. I’m a child of the mid 50s and have found myself ‘retired’ before I ever ready for it.

    I find it a big adjustment in having worked all my life and suddenly I have all this free time. I’m refocusing my life and have found Blogging has given me a sense of purpose.

    I’m new to blogging and don’t know where to go to do any kind of nominations. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction:)

    – Swozy

    1. This looks like fun . . . I’ll play when I get home and have some time. Right now I’m too busy being busy on my supposed-to-be-relaxing-vacation!

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