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No geek unturned – just an update 2013/10/woohoo-we-made-100-000-hits.html

I wrote a few days ago about my unhappy volunteer efforts to help seniors learn about computers. I’m happy to say that while I won’t be returning there, I have heard from the guy I helped when I was there. He called to ask me if I’d meet him at the local library and teach him more about computers! I’m thrilled! I’m meeting him Tuesday and we’ll see how it goes. Seems the more he learns the more he sounds like he’s going to be a geek in no time!

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Oh, just click here and do this and double click that …

Seniors helping seniors overcome computer terror. 3345171/ midstate-seniors-using-classes.html

I volunteered recently to help teach seniors how to use computers. Basic. First steps. As in, this is a hard drive, this is a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc., and here’s the button to turn it on. Don’t be afraid of it – it can’t do anything without you. Relax.

The gentleman currently teaching the class brusquely confronted me, first thing, and asked, “What’s your background?” Dumbfounded, I said, I was self-taught, had been using computers for almost 30 years, and was good at working with people who were new to, and afraid of, computers.

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Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

Could/would someone please explain (clearly, in big letters and simple words) the difference between tags and categories?

break through

And, in the process, please don’t refer me to anything already written on the web (especially here at WordPress). I’ve read all of it. ALL of it. I still don’t get it.

It should be easy to grasp, shouldn’t it? I speak, write and read English, just not tags and categories. Maybe if it was in Italian I could use my translator and finally get the picture.

And, speaking of pictures, they work well for me, too.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my decrepit old soul.