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Irregardless of what you say …

Five things that drive me crazy:

1. Irregardless. It’s actually a word in the dictionary but it’s just so wrong that I dare you to use it in public.

2. These ones, those ones, and even worse, these here ones or those there ones. *cringe* Just say these ones or those ones and I’m sending my Sicilian relatives to your door.

3. “I know, right?” Quite popular these days and, thus, irritating as hell. Just leave it at home when you’re in public.

4. Their, there, and they’re. These are so easy that I’m flummoxed when I hear/here (another one) people mix them up.

5. Picky people who think they can makes lists of five things that everyone else should or shouldn’t do. Like me.




I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

4 thoughts on “Irregardless of what you say …

  1. When I saw the word I almost screamed lol, it is one of my pet hates, I’ve only been able to find it in online dictionaries explaining why it is not a word, but never seen it in a written dictionary.

    Expresso- Espresso is another.
    In the UK we have “Innit”, correct way is – “isn’t it”

    A new one for me a few weeks back was “Hurted” another non word, and had to explain, Hurt, Hurts, Hurting are the words that exist.

  2. Check Merriam-Webster. It’s disgusting that it is even considered an actual word. And, yes, eXpresso kills me – everyone uses it here in the states. I can’t even believe someone used “hurted.” It’s amazing how many people missed the grammar fairy’s visit.

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