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They left Jim bleeding on the floor …

… two years ago and I just discovered him two nights ago.

I’m a junkie, no denying it. I will eat every M&M in the bowl, every ice cream bar in the fridge, and every peach on the tree, if left to my own will. I’ve recently discovered I can binge on TV, as well.

About a year ago, we  replaced DirecTV with ROKU, Netflix mail/instant view, and a Hulu Plus account. We get local channels free with an antenna. We wanted to decrease our entertainment bills – we did, from $100 to $26 a month. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would actually start to watch more TV.

Jim with his favorite detecting tool, the golf club.

This is where Jim comes in. I recently discovered The Glades, an A&E show with four full seasons (2010-2013), on Netflix instant view – as many episodes as you want, and any time you want. Let the binge begin!

The Glades is a soft mystery series – humor, not a lot of reality, fun, entertaining, light. It stars a cheeky cop (Jim) who got bounced out of his Chicago PD job for some reason and decided to join a Florida PD and take it easy, play some golf. As insufferable as I thought he was in the first episode (carrying his stupid golf club to the murder site and being totally obnoxious to everyone), I wanted to see more.

My husband and I raced through almost all four seasons in a couple of weeks. We expected that the show would come to some conclusion at the end of the fourth season and we’d move on to another show.

That is, until the last few episodes of the fourth season, when I told my husband it was going to end badly. Jim and his lady love were headed for the altar (seemingly in the last episode), each keeping secrets from the other (with good intent), but the signs were not good and we began to wonder how it would end.

Well, SMACK! On his way to the wedding, Jim is shot twice and left lying on his back, trying to reach his cell phone as he bleeds all over his tux shirt. Fade to credits.

I read online yesterday that a fifth season was planned and then cancelled. Lots of people were peeved and ranting and getting a petition together. However, I was two years late to the party.

Trailer Park BoysWe’re currently watching an absolutely mindless show, hysterical and completely weird – Trailer Park Boys. IT has NINE seasons and since everyone on it is already a jail-bird or growing pot or running a steal/repair/resell grocery cart scam or wearing the same clothes for the full season, and they all smoke and swear profusely, we feel confident we won’t be disappointed in the ending.




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