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No geek unturned – just an update 2013/10/woohoo-we-made-100-000-hits.html

I wrote a few days ago about my unhappy volunteer efforts to help seniors learn about computers. I’m happy to say that while I won’t be returning there, I have heard from the guy I helped when I was there. He called to ask me if I’d meet him at the local library and teach him more about computers! I’m thrilled! I’m meeting him Tuesday and we’ll see how it goes. Seems the more he learns the more he sounds like he’s going to be a geek in no time!



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2 thoughts on “No geek unturned – just an update

    1. Piave di Teco, north east, I think of Genoa. Another place we’ve been looking at. We’re going to do long term rentals when we get there – plant ourselves in one area and explore until we find just the place we belong!

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