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The insanity of procrastination

[Photo by Geoff Robinson]
At least mine is just a haircut and not an overgrown phone booth. Looks about the same, though.[Photo by Geoff Robinson]
Let me state first off that I am a world-class procrastinator. That said, you’d think I might have learned by this time in my life what problems it can cause.

As an example, I currently have a mop of hair that is overdue for a cut. I’ve started seeing someone new and wanted to give it a chance to grow out so I could see how I liked it. (Nice excuse, huh?) I decided about mid-December that I liked it and it was time for a cut.

But, I was going on vacation and no matter how much I wanted to have a nice cut for the trip, I stalled around until the day we left and then panicked. But, did I call to make sure I could get a cut immediately upon my return? Uh. Well. You know the answer to that.

Instead, I returned on January 2, now two weeks overgrown, and put “call for haircut” on my list. The top of my list. It’s still there and I’m leaving next Friday to see my goddaughters in Denver. I haven’t seen them in over a year and they both have new babies (firsties). But will I look nice? Not likely. At that point I should be about five weeks overgrown. Nice impression.

My desk is cluttered with important things to do – scripts to order, hotel reservations to be changed before this Friday, gifts to be mailed. It gives me some comfort to know they are all at the top of my list.

At least now I have the excuse that I couldn’t see the list through my overgrown bangs.



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3 thoughts on “The insanity of procrastination

    1. I finally got mine cut yesterday and now I’m complaining about how short it is! I think I’d have to get mine cut every two weeks to keep it at just the right length – can you imagine the cost??

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