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Bacon rage, or please pass the tacos

bacon tacoA friend of mine, a total bacon hog (yes, I meant to say that), recently sent me this. He loves bacon. So do I but I don’t worship it like he and his friends do. I picture them kneeling before an altar made of bacon – his addiction is that serious.

I do, however, think this, and the current bacon rage in this country, hysterical.

(Sorry, I don’t know where the photo came from. Maybe out of one of Wally’s drooling dreams.)



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5 thoughts on “Bacon rage, or please pass the tacos

      1. A little tip for those Bay-cone Emergencies: in the salad dressing section, next to the croutons, are often little baggies of real bacon crumbles for a lot less than the practically identical ones hanging next to the pepperoni slices in another part of the store. This is not the dried bacon dust mites they sell in that jar by the Bac-Os but. Real. Bacon. Okay, you have your mission.

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