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5 reasons why I need a maid

1.  A maid could iron my husband’s shirts. I’m an ironing fanatic and can perfectly iron a shirt in no time. But, I’m sick of it. A maid could do just about as good a job as I can. And, I don’t want to have to train her; she should come well prepared.
This is probably my husband’s idea of a maid. Frankly, I don’t care. As long as she does his shirts!

2.  A maid could make healthy meals for me. I want to eat a more healthy diet, but I hate having to figure out how to do that and then shop and cook and clean up and all that. I have lots of books about healthy eating. I could give them to my maid and she could provide fresh, healthy food three meals a day. She would also be available for midnight snack preparation, based on my whims, of course.

3.  A maid could clean the fireplace out on a regular basis. It always seems to be full of ashes at this time of year and it’s such a mess to clean. It makes me feel like Cinderella, and I don’t like it. I’m much more the ugly step-sister kind of girl – no glass slippers and fancy pants princes for me. Oh, and the maid could build fires and keep them stoked while she’s at it.

4.  A maid could get all my “purging” finished for me. With an out-of-country move coming up in six to nine months, I need to get rid of everything. But, there’s so much, I’ve lost interest. A maid would be so helpful in this situation. Essential, actually, if I’m going to get ready to go on time.

5.  A maid could go to the gym for me and get me in better shape. Pain free.



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7 thoughts on “5 reasons why I need a maid

  1. Having a maid to cook ONLY healthy dinners—whether I want them or not—would be very helpful. But she’d have to be strong enough to tell me to buzz off if I start requesting pizza. Because otherwise I’d just request pizza.

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