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Starting again: “veggies, laces, sugar and blues” joins “In other words”

I’ve been trying to figure out how to merge my three blogs into one because it’s too much to keep up with trying to handle all three. I’m old. I can barely count to three! Alas, I’m not having much success, so I’ve decided to try some old fashioned cut and paste. Much easier, if a little awkward.

So, here’s the paste from a blog I started some time ago to track getting back into shape. Kind of a long “post,” but since I’m the only one likely to care that it’s here, I’ll leave it just as is.

Next, to incorporate my newest blog, which never really got off the ground – all about my impending move to Italy.

Doppelganger: Repost from Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

It’s always a treat to discover a new blogger with whom I have so much in common. I’m happy to share one of those discoveries:  Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights — Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes.

This is sad, beautifully written and exactly how I feel. It’s a difficult feeling to put into words; doppelgänger is a perfect metaphor. Thank you for writing and sharing it, Rainey.

doppelgänger April 1, 2012

for such a long while i have deceived you

i’m not really me anymore

the doppelgänger me is sleepwalking through my days

faking a smile, completing my tasks with semi-efficiently

while i remain curled protectively around my heart

no one is the wiser and it’s been better this way

but now…

the black tide is rising and i’m growing too tired to swim

the doppelgänger me is beginning to crack

the painted smile is fading

it’s getting too hard

alice is falling through the glass

you will soon know that i am no more

and that leaves me

with nothing.


I’ve been struggling. Struggling with the commitment and motivation, and struggling with how to write this post.

What to say? I took this on and thought I was ready. But, something holds me back. I’ve given it a lot of thought in the past few days and I’m at a loss as to what the issue is here.

I began with the best of intentions and seemed off to a good start. I had one set back with the injury and have never gotten back on track. I’m skipping the exercise, despite some days getting up, dressed and ready to walk out the door. I’m also not eating well and have fallen into a 3:00 pm craving for something sweet. Worse yet, I’ve given into it more often than not — cookies, ice cream, or donuts (the latter of which I don’t even like).

Life goes on around me and I find plenty to keep me busy — all worthwhile pursuits. I’m not yet into watching the shopping channel or “Who’s Baby is it Anyway? (wouldn’t that be a great reality show), or even reruns of “Friends.” Nope, it’s not about TV; I’m occupying my time with “real” stuff.  And, I am still working on a writing project. So, I’m not a total goner yet. But all these things, good as they may be, are a kind of work avoidance. Or health and exercise avoidance, I guess.

I’m going to post a weekly update in the stats today but then I’m going to take a break and try to figure out what’s going on because it’s just too public to have to be admitting failings at this point!

I’ve talked with a good friend, Katharine, who says she might be willing to co-author the blog, but she says she wants to write about my progress and throw in some tips and recipes and information in general. I’m not so sure about that — she’s brilliant and qualified to offer the latter, definitely, and she’s probably astute enough to offer the former as well. That’s scary. I told her I’d feel a bit like a bug under a microscope!

Meantime, until I figure this out, I’m taking my sweats and issues to a corner to ponder this some more. I may keep posting other stuff I find but I’m going to take the “personal” out of it for the time being.

For anyone else on a “get healthy” adventure, continued good luck. And, if you have any advice, feel free to jump right in.

Gimme a can of Whoop Ass

Several years ago, as a supervisor,  I was struggling with “personality differences” (the great team divider) at work. I was ready to admit defeat, crawl back into bed and pull up the covers. Permanently.

One morning before work my husband gave me a gift: a can of Whoop Ass! I have no idea what the stuff tastes like, or even if it’s actually meant for human consumption, but it made me laugh and helped me make it through the day. I took it to work that day and it sat on my bookshelf there until the day I left that job.

I still have that same can, sitting on my desk at home now. I sometimes move it to my dresser or the bathroom sink so I can see it first thing in the morning during difficult times.

I moved it to the bathroom sink last night in preparation for a healthier day today. I’ve skipped the gym for a couple of days (I did take a nice walk outside on Saturday, the first day our weather gave any indication that it might actually be spring!) and since it’s not a set habit yet, I knew this morning it would be a chore just to lace my shoes, much less make it to the gym.

I’m dressed for the gym now and here I sit. Just had to check my email, Facebook and WP. It’s been an hour. Maybe it’s time to open the can and drink the stuff.

Ok, this is just rude.

This kind of stuff just makes me crazy! A photo of three women who are promoting a new album and People makes the whole thing about ” . . . a thinner Carnie Wilson . . .”

Why aren’t they commenting on the anorexic Chynna Phillips??

Go ahead, please, draw attention to the fact that Carnie Wilson is heavier than the other two. And, by the link attached to the word “thinner” in the caption below, please point out that she’s now had two weight-related surgeries and is still struggling. Because it’s our right to know; her self-esteem can handle it.

It may sell magazines, and movies, and diet fads, but focusing on a woman’s physical appearance instead of the story is detrimental and demeaning to women — young girls, adult women, and in this case, Carnie Wilson.

~ People magazine

Wilson Phillips is back! Wendy Wilson, Chynna Phillips and a thinner Carnie Wilson look picture-perfect Thursday while promoting their new album, Dedicated, at a New York Loehmann’s. ~ People magazine

Chocolate egg, Cheerios or marshmallow fluff?

Did you know there are 16 grams of sugar in one little Peep! I’d rather eat about half a Cadbury Creme Egg, or better yet 16 cups of Cheerios, either of which, if I figure right, also have 16 grams of sugar.

I haven’t posted here in a couple of days and I’d like to post something really brilliant and edgy. But just for today I’m going to share this  from my other blog. It’s all about Peeps, those completely inedible but totally useful little creatures.

[If you’re reading this post expecting something new and exciting only to be disappointed by a rehash of something you’ve already read elsewhere,  thank you for reading both my blogs and please forgive me, I’m lazy and a fame-whore.]

I don’t want to be accused of defaming Peeps,  so let’s hear it for those delightfully squishy, sugary little puffs of marshmallow crap joy.  They do, after all, have more followers (and uses) than you and I put together.

Back off, I’ll do it myself

I’m one of those people who doesn’t respond well to being told what to do: what I can and can’t do, what I should and shouldn’t do. Well, with some exceptions, which I’ll get into in a bit. For the time being, stick with me here.

I’m diabetic and have always had a sweet tooth but at my first nutritionist visit after being diagnosed, it was strongly suggested I not eat chocolate chip cookies or brownies again. Basically, ever. Please. I went right out and had one of each and have since developed a taste for doughnuts as well and I really don’t even like the sugary little pieces of fried dough.

Continue reading

Pressed: Some reasonable advice on losing weight

How to shed pounds without starving or killing yourself in the gym.

While some of this is pretty simple advice and the title leans a bit toward the magic fix, it offers some nice, sane, workable advice about losing weight . . . necessary when it’s so tempting to go for something like this:

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Little white lies (for the greater good)

It occurred to me a few minutes ago, as I was posting about the “woe is me” way the first week of my new health regime ended that I’m at the dangerous edge of fabrication.

I mean, this is my record of my efforts to regain my health, what I learn along the way and what progress I make. Is it not, therefore  my right, nay, my obligation, to show visible success at every turn? To be a shining beacon on encouragement to all who follow me? To all who want to be poster children for wellness? Continue reading

Argh. Do over.

The worst thing about an exercise/wellness program is not the exertion but rather just getting started. I’ve always found that to be true.

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Hanging up now

I’m having a lousy day. Mangled my finger on Saturday, finally gave up and saw the doctor on Sunday (my clinic has 24/7 urgent care–gotta love it), and am bandaged and on antibiotics and pain pills.

Hence, no exercise and an overindulgence in mom foods to make me feel better.

The thing is I feel pretty good, just drugged and kinda having a pity party. Pity parties are a necessary (occasional) part of life, I think. I just didn’t plan to have one only one week into this new health kick I committed to.

Besides I didn’t have time to send out invitations. And, no one would have come anyway. Pity parties are best handled solo.

By the numbers 3/30/2012

What’s with the blood sugar which is up 20 points from the last few days? Admittedly this is more in line with what is “normal” for me, the last two days being a bit of a fluke.

I always seem to run high in the morning and I’ve never been able to figure that out. My doctor and a nutritionist are flummoxed as well. I’ve tried waking up in the wee hours of the morning to test it, I’ve tried eating differently at night but nothing seems to work. The only resolution I’ve had to this issue came when I lost 25 lbs. and exercised like crazy. That even brought my A1C down to 6-something.

It’s a continual struggle, but it would really be nice if I knew a reason why. It’s defeating to have that same kind of high number every single day.

Blood sugar 144, weight 188

Portion control??

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Creating life stories at the gym

I’m spending more time in the gym these days.  It’s a nice place, city owned and operated, and very welcoming of all ages, types and exercise levels. I like that; it makes me comfortable and it makes for great people watching. It also makes for good “people musing” and I spend a lot of time creating little life stories for the people I see there.

Daily I see the same woman who arrives via a special bus everyday when I’m about 15 minutes into my treadmill time. She disembarks the bus, using pole/crutches and taking the steps one pole, one foot, one pole, one foot at a time, without assistance. I’m in awe of her that she never misses a step and never misses a day even during our very wet winter. I never  see what kind of workout she does once inside, but I’m thinking it’s the pool.  There are several levels of water aerobics and a very cool circulating river feature.

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The Weight of Things

The Weight of Things.

via The Weight of Things.

An absolutely insane article by a mother who put her seven year old daughter on a diet, publicly humiliated her among her friends during that diet, and then had the gall to write an article for Vogue and sign a book deal. (By the way, Vogue and the publishing house should be ashamed.)

Em Types posted the article and her take on it. I agree with her completely.

No parents are perfect, but when it comes to young girls, I wish sometimes mothers realized how much of an impression they make on their daughters, and how the delicate balance of weight and self esteem can follow her the rest of her life if it’s shaken.


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By the numbers 3/27/12

Weight: 190

Morning blood sugar: 125

Spent an hour and a half at the gym this morning, 45 minutes walking and 45 minutes on Nautilus machines for my upper body.

For more journal entries, visit my “By the numbers” page.

Banana, Apple, Pear

If you know what those words have in common, besides the fact that they are all fruit, you are a woman.

I know this, because like me, you’ve spent your whole life being reminded of your body shape. There are many variations on the above three — the rectangle, diamond, tube, triangle, inverted triangle and on ad finitum.

And, there’s the coveted hourglass. Probably most coveted by men and the women who want to appeal to them. The bombshell, the babe. The iconic Marilyn.

Me? I’m an apple, grown out of an hourglass. In my mid-30s I lost my waist and found some pounds and my body is now round, not even remotely close to that hourglass. Continue reading

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Let me eat cake!

As a friend once told me, the first post is the hardest.

So, with much to say and no clear idea where to start, I think a little humor cake would be a good place to begin.

This gem comes from the folks at Everyday People Cartoons.



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

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