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Oh, no! There it goes, again! Whoooooosh!!

I’m talking about my motivation.  (Get your head out of the toilet. You know who you are.)

I’m beginning to wonder if I have enough motivation to stick with a plan this summer. I want to get up and take a nice long walk along the river each morning (that always gets me juiced), get some projects done and have an afternoon stretch or yoga class at the gym. But because I’m STILL recovering from foot surgery in December, a stretch class is all I can handle at this point, and it doesn’t do enough to motivate me to do anything but hang the banner for a pity party.

A couple of months ago, I started a “This Summer …” list,” and if you remember my obsession with list making, you’ll know it’s a doozy. It’s not long, just demanding; but, still doable.

  • Finish dual Italian citizenship paperwork. This should be a joy to work on but it is an amazing amount of paperwork and translating and phone calls to the police in every state I’ve lived in to get “criminal records.” Really? Plus, I’ve had four name changes (no, not all divorces, so back down) and need evidence of those. My husband’s filing for dual citizenship didn’t require all this. I guess if you have Italian blood in your veins, you’re cool, but if you had the audacity to marry someone with Italian blood, you must be a criminal/terrorist/muggle/dung pile.
  • Finish living wills. Yes, I know, this should have been done years ago. You’d think a 65-year-old would have enough sense to complete one of these before being carted off to the hospital door.
  • Empty bedroom #2. This sounds easy – just go move some furniture around. Not. This is in our walkout basement and has probably 30 boxes of lifetime debris to sort through and get rid of, one way or another.
  • Filing. This, too, feels like a lifetime of debris, but is really only four years worth. My file cabinet got buried in that second bedroom and I’ve been using boxes and whatever else I can find to “temporarily” store it. I love that word … temporarily; almost as good as *shoulder shrug* whatever.
  • Write a best-selling novel and publish it. Ok, this one has been on my list since I was seven, so it may get some work this summer but the best-selling/publishing part may be a ways off.
  • Scan pictures, health records, other record – where to? I have so many photos and would like to be able to take some of them to Italy in something lighter than a box that weighs 30 pounds. I’m still looking for the perfect way to do that. If you store them on a cloud, will that cloud still be there in a year, two, twenty? A thumb drive is out – it would take [fill in guesstimate here] of them. I hear a CD wears out in five years. Help! Any ideas?
  • Repot snake plant and “Mama Aloe Vera.” This sounds doable. The snake plant will be easy. “Mama” is more than 30 years old, huge, and extremely heavy and awkward to replant. But, she was a gift from the sister I lost, so I’ll manage it.
  • Last Pass. I got this program and just haven’t figured out how to use it. I do that a lot.
  • New desktop and laptop. Bet this one gets done first, because I love to research and shop and we definitely need to replace both computers.
  • Italian. Oh, groan. I haven’t studied my Italian in six months and I’m sure what I learned is gone, gone, gone.
  • Exercise/gym This brings me full circle to my healing foot and motivation. I haven’t a clue how to get motivated without a job (which ends June 30) or my morning walk, which has always been my way to jump-start a day.

I’m desperate.

And, to entertain you — probably only Carrie will be able to watch this — here’s part of the surgery I had, except that I didn’t have any bunions to remove and it doesn’t show the pin insertion – a 4″ pin was inserted through the top of the toe, through the bones, and into my food to stabilize the toe while it healed. Kind of an a la carte operation. At least this video has the decency to play jazzy music, until the part where they start drilling the toe. Guess they couldn’t find music for that.



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

4 thoughts on “Oh, no! There it goes, again! Whoooooosh!!

  1. I’m impressed you could watch that video after having gone through a similar procedure!

    I think I’d have trouble getting motivated if I shared your to-do list. That’s a pretty scary one! Maybe each item could be broken down into its own separate to-do list, each one detailing the specific steps so that they could be crossed off and let you see you’re making headway. For example, with the citizenship one, you could have a list like: call so-and-so; translate first 3 pages; complete page one; etc. If you take a baby step each day, maybe it won’t seem so daunting. Good luck! (I can’t believe you have time to read my book through all this! But I’m glad you are… 🙂 )

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