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Extreme couponing … good idea or life suck?

My husband and I had a few minutes to kill yesterday while waiting for friends to pick us for a dinner date and he, as usual, started channel surfing. He came across “Extreme Couponing” and locked in. He’s always looking for a way to save a dime, heck, a penny, so this really drew his attention. I rolled my eyes, knowing that after five minutes viewing time, he would say, “Why don’t you do that?” And, I wasn’t disappointed.

I tried to explain that my time was already sucking out the door faster than the clocked ticked it by, when he shushed me to hear what a woman was saying. She actually said that sometimes she wished she had more time to play with her kids. I don’t have kids and even I wanted to reach through the TV screen and slap her. IF YOU WANT TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR KIDS, DO IT! It wasn’t me yelling, it was my husband.

Still he stuck around to watch the next woman, who was about eight months into a “difficult pregnancy,” according to her doctor. She said this was her last chance to stock up, so off she went to the store with husband, little girl, and coupons in tow. She had to ride a scooter, so spent most of the time yelling at her husband to “count all the items again; I always count them at least three times!” She actually had to call her child’s babysitter to come take the girl because she was “too much of a distraction.”

When she finally got to the check out stand, still in the scooter, she leaned back against the counter behind her and said how awful she felt. Frankly, she looked as if she was going to drop the baby right there on the floor. Her real complaint, however, was that she didn’t feel up to standing over the checker to make sure she got everything right. And, sure enough that stupid checker screwed something up because the woman expected to pay nothing, but instead had a balance of about $8. She was so upset that I wanted to call her doctor and warn him of the imminent birth of her child, since she didn’t seem to be that concerned about it.

As the show ended, she and her husband dragged all the carts into the dark parking lot and the voice over said she’d bought $1300+ dollars and paid only $8-something. They had spent 10.5 hours in the store!



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4 thoughts on “Extreme couponing … good idea or life suck?

  1. First of all, welcome back. We’ve been patiently awaiting your return. As for extreme couponing, it seems “those people” are only a few steps away from being on “Hoarders”. One of them will get a great coupon deal on rug shampoo and score 6 cases for only pennies. Seems like a bargain, until the lady admits that she has allergies and doesn’t own a single rug. “Extreme” anything is likely to be bad.

    1. Thanks for the welcome back. Hope it’s permanently this time. And, yes, my husband make the association with “Hoarders” very quickly upon seeing the show.

  2. Hey, Emma! I’m so glad to see you again! I did the coupon/rebate thing a long time ago (not quite as crazy as these folks, though) and it did save us some bucks, Once I got several carts of stuff and paid only sales tax. Of course, you couldn’t walk through the patio because of all the UPC codes and boxtops and can labels saved in case of a rebate, and I never did find a use for forty rolls of double-sided Scotch tape. Hubby finally “helped” me give it up. Thank you, dear!

    1. Thanks for the welcome back! My husband thought I (you notice he didn’t say “we”) could stockpile the garage with my (again, not we) couponing, and have a garage sale every weekend!

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