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Post to impress and use Love Boat in the title

In an effort to redeem myself from the previous post, or at least post something in relation to it, I offer the following: my “Star Signs” horrorscope for the day. This one courtesy of Jeraldine Saunders, runs in my local paper. Maybe it’s time to cancel my subscription. But, this is from a trained numerologist and astrologer, the widow of the great astrologist to the stars, Sydney Omar, and she did write the book that spawned the fabulous Love Boat TV series, so who knows?

Walk boldly within conventional circles. As long as you don’t cross the line, everyone that really counts will be pleased by your productivity and conscientiousness.


Now the dilemma(s). What are conventional circles? Where’s the line drawn? Who is this “everyone” that (who?) really counts? I’m going back to bed to stress.





I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

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