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A day at the beach

It’s been heating up here and will be 91 degrees (!!!!) on Sunday so we’ve decided to take a day-trip to Astoria, Oregon, one of our favorite little towns. Where, by the way, it will be just 67 degrees. We’re going to have a nice drive along the river, through the trees to the ocean, cooler weather, our favorite albacore fish and chips at the Bowpicker, and the farmer’s market. Life is good!



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3 thoughts on “A day at the beach

  1. Astoria looks so neatly. I take a pilgrimage to Portland once a year, and this year, I think I’ve found myself a ride to the beach. (I know, I know — the COAST, but I grew up in Florida, so it’s hard terminology for me.) I am so looking forward to seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

    1. Very cool! I still call it the beach, too, a hangover from days on the beach in Southern California. The Oregon coast is really neat, sandy beaches in the south and beaches and cliffs with trees in the north. Altogether beautiful coastline. Enjoy!

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