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Charms, tokens and amulets anyone?

Cleaning house today. What fun. Actually, I’m done and sipping an iced tea. But, while I was about it today, I noticed how many small charms and tokens I dust and wipe down while I’m cleaning. Small pieces of me. By that I mean that they are tokens from good times, reminders of special memories or pieces of inspiration.

For instance. On the lip above the sink there’s a 2 euro coin with DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man, a memory from our last trip to Italy and a reminder that we’re going back. To stay, one day. It sits at the sink so I can see it every day. My good luck charm for Italy.

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At the base of my computer is a glass stone that has the word “imagine” carved into it. It’s very small – about the size of a quarter. It reminds me of my husband who loves the word–he bought it for me–and how much we both love the sentiment of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”Nothing but sentimental value here, but worth every cent he might have spent on it because it reminds me to nurture my creativity.

I look down at it every day while I’m at the computer, as I do with the other token there: a magnet that says “wicked.” I love it. I can’t decide if it gives me license to be wicked or if it makes me smile because I wish I could be more wicked! (There’s a similar one on the fridge that says “redrum” and I can’t imagine what that says about me!)

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Another one, right in sight at my computer, are the words “Leap and the net will appear” (a John Burroughs quote) in a small stand up frame. That sign has been on my desk for as long as I can remember. It sits on my desk at work and then comes to my home desk I’m not working outside the house. It’s always been there to remind me to take risks, because I tend not to be the risk-taking type. And, sometimes it’s just the right thing to do.

I think collecting little tokens says something about a person and the particular charms people treasure say a lot more. I think mine say I’m sentimental, hopeful, wishful and need a good boot to the bum now and then.

What things do you have tucked away that spark memories or give inspiration?



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4 thoughts on “Charms, tokens and amulets anyone?

  1. I have a post-it that says, “You don’t need it.” It arrived many years ago when I was broke, in debt, and horribly addicted to buying crap. A version of this has stayed on my computer ever since, and I am often surprised at how many times that phrase applies to my life. It may be time to create something more lasting that a piece of paper… hmmm…

  2. They’re not really tucked away, but I have inspirational magnets on my fridge, as well as magnets from all the different places I’ve visited. They offer some great memories.

    1. The best, aren’t they? I think magnets and other stuff on refrigerators tell a lot about a person. Hmmm. I think I did a post on that once.

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