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Ice cream, part III

Ok, so I was less than faithful to the no-sugar guidelines today. Um, actually, I flaunted them! I laughed in their faces! I spit on the ground they walk on! I gave them the Italian hand sign version of . . . well, you get the picture.

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In my defense, I skipped the strawberry, bananas, cherries and caramel sauce. And, my portion was a good bit smaller. Suffice to say, I caved. But, dang, that was one good fall from grace!



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4 thoughts on “Ice cream, part III

  1. Have you tried toffuti? Or So Delicious, the coconut milk kind. Much healthier so I feel like the calories count less.

    1. Calories are always an issue, but for me it’s the sugar and carbs. I couldn’t even bear to test my blood sugar after the ice cream social!

      1. Ah. I never deny myself sugar, since I’m vegan my diet is restricted enough. I do try to use cane sugar when possible since white sugar isn’t really vegan. Also sucanat, which metabolizes differently in your body because of its raw form. But I am def a sweets girl!

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