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Naked in the locker room

Hey, have you heard the one about the doofus who walked into the men’s locker room at the gym instead of the women’s where she belonged?

If you’ve seen Stephen Fry‘s nude scene in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, you’ll have a pretty good image. (Stephen Fry, as Sherlock’s know-it-all brother Mycroft, is talking to Dr. Watson’s fiancée as she tries desperately not to freak out about his lack of attire. He, of course, thinks it perfectly normal. Great scene.)

If you managed to miss that movie or have forgotten that scene (I’m not sure that’s possible), I offer the following:

Picture this guy from the back and without a towel or any furniture offering cover and you’ll understand my dilemma. My first though was “why is there a naked man in the women’s locker room.” And, before I got to the end of the thought, I realized my mistake and was out of there.

I’m out of my leg brace and am wondering if I should try putting it on my head.



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5 thoughts on “Naked in the locker room

    1. Any time, my dear! And, trust me, it will be my last time in a men’s locker room. There will be something else, though, I’m sure!

  1. Oh no. I have done this, mixed up the bathroom, but fortunately men don’t tend to take all their clothes off when going to the toilet.

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