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A rant on toilet paper. Really.

I hear that in Europe toilet paper is the worst, but I’d like to submit that it can’t be any worse than the single-ply crap (pun intended) that is being foisted off on human beings in the good old U.S. of A.

Seriously, in the past few weeks I’ve been tempted more than once to write this post. I’m perplexed. What nitwit decided that using single-ply in upscale department stores, the college campus I work on, my husband’s office, airports, grocery stores, restaurants and other venues is a cost-saving idea?


Do the idiots who purchase this stuff actually believe that wipers will use the same amount of single-ply TP as they would double-ply? Please. When I come across one of these “skinny” TP rolls, I use twice as much. So, where is the savings, you bozos??

Checking my buddy Google, I found an interesting website where the author described his experience selling janitorial supplies to businesses. He could not get them to grasp the simple truth that single-ply paper does not save money. He offered the following tale.

1-Ply toilet paper costs more…in the long run. People use twice as much, because they go with what “feels right,” and…in the end (no pun intended) it costs more. I used to love selling 1-ply toilet paper to businesses. Even though I told them they would save money with 2-ply, some would refuse, and they ended up spending more. No matter if you’re a “wadder” or a “folder,” you won’t stop pulling that paper until you feel like you have enough.

I’m tempted to fill out comment cards in every location I find this stuff. But, my pen doesn’t have that much ink. Besides, I’d probably use too many bad words. Maybe I should just have a pre-printed statement expressing my loathing of their choice in TP ready to hand to the manager at each place I encounter the skinny stuff. And, maybe tack on stall doors. Wadders and folders of the world, UNITE!



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

10 thoughts on “A rant on toilet paper. Really.

    1. I’m so glad! I’ll get one together and send it your way! I was thinking of posting a poll to find out who is a wadder and who is a folder. What do you think?? *smile*

  1. The real geniuses are the jerks that will put the extra large roll in the too-small holder so no matter how gentle you are as the roll starts to rotate…you’re lucky to end up with 1-4 squares in your hand. Urghh.

    1. Grrrr. I hate that, too. Another one is the guys who buy those huge industrial rolls, put two in a holder and then let them both run out. Maybe we should write a book called The TP Conspiracy!

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