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5K today, deal with the doctor on Tuesday

Against doctor’s orders and mostly because (1) I’m getting sick of hobbling around in this stupid brace, and (2) I hate being told what to do, I did a 5K walk today. I mean, come on, it’s the Vancouver USA Marathon weekend and I couldn’t just sit by and do nothing! It was hot (80 degrees) for here but beautiful and Mt. Hood in the distance, covered with snow made it a great day!

I did ok and am icing now, waiting to see if I’m up and around to watch the elite runners start the marathon at 7 tomorrow morning. It’s a Boston qualifier, so I expect to see some big names in the front line. I’m a sucker for this stuff even though my running days are long behind me and I’m just a walker these days.

One of the best parts of today was watching a group of about 75 kids who have been taking part in school-sponsored marathon training. I’m talking 5-10 year-olds! They’ve each been running short distances (totaling 25 miles) building up to today when they got to finish of their “marathon” with a 1.2 mile race. It was very, very cool and they took it very seriously. They had bibs and timers and got medals and everything. Love to see that kind of stuff.

The other great thing today was watching a young boy (about eight, maybe?) who had already finished his marathon, hold his little brother’s hand and run the short fun run for four year-olds. Very sweet.




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6 thoughts on “5K today, deal with the doctor on Tuesday

  1. Good for you and love your running stories. I didn’t get the whole running just to run thing until Emilia and I partook in the one-half mile this year. It was inspiring and fun!

    1. It is inspiring, isn’t it? Especially when you see the very young or the very old and then you wonder (*embarrassed*) why am I just standing here doing nothing? Glad you two enjoyed your half-mile!

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