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I got the job/Put it on the list

A blogger I read regularly (and I’ll be darned if I can remember who or find the post I’m referring to) recently posted “I.Got.The.Job” (If it’s you, please let me know.) Everyone offered congratulations; I added mine and noted that I was waiting to hear about a job, too.


Well, I.Got.The.Job. I start work next week in the Tenure Dept at the local college working with tenure candidates during their two-year process. I’m excited because it’s at the college and I love that environment; the work sounds interesting; (Yay!) it’s only part-time — 20 hours a week and the months of July and August off; and, because I’m glad to have the extra money coming in for trips to Italy.

Now the “put it on the list” part. If you read my posts, you know I’m an obsessive list maker and in the couple of weeks I’ve had before starting this new position, I’ve been jotting notes like mad. I’m not sure what it is about making any major change in my life that makes me think I have to put everything in order before the change occurs. It’s like I think it’s my last chance to do anything. I’m “putting my affairs in order.” Next stop the pearly gates.

I’ve been filing madly, trying to clear off my desk and a pile of 2011 filing that still sits in the corner. I’ve cleaned things I didn’t even know existed. I shopped and stocked all the cupboards. I finished three books — what, like I’ll never read another one?? I cleaned out my closet, my dresser, and my shoe shelves, and shopped to restock them of course! I cleaned up the back patio and made sure all the planting was finished. My car has been detailed — always a necessity when starting a new job, yes? The laundry’s caught up — no easy task in my house. How can two people make so much laundry? The cats have been to the vet for their annual check ups and I’ve seen my primary for mine, as well.

You get the picture. So, I’m thinking, what’s left to list/do? Well, apparently, everything.


1. Finish paperwork for my Italian dual-citizenship

2. Publish a book

3. Write a book to be published

4. Read the stack of books next to my bed

5. Learn Italian

6. Catch up with the pile of magazines on the dining room table

7. Bead more, read more, eat less

8. Figure out why my scanner stopped working

9. Play more, smile more, stress less

10. Get bronchitis and/or get a fever blister (usually both)

This “have to finish it all before I die” kind of behavior always makes me sick right before the big event (vacation, holidays, conferences, new job). Having just recovered from bronchitis, I’m now nursing a fever blister and awaiting my first day of work. Well, I’ve got one out of ten things out-of-the-way and five whole days to finish the others.



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9 thoughts on “I got the job/Put it on the list

  1. Congrats on your new job! I’ve often wanted to learn Italian. Maybe I could team up with you via blog and we can both learn together? How outrageous and fun would that be? 🙂

    1. Fun, definitely! I have two friends in Italy who propose to tutor me, online, but we’ve yet to figure out how to do it. I have the feeling that no matter what kind of classes I take, I will do my real learning when we move to Italy.

  2. How exciting! Have you worked with tenure candidates before? I work with them quite a bit myself. Well, actually, not with the faculty, but with their binders and information and such. It’s quite a lot of work, the tenure process. That should be a fulfilling job.

    I’m so sorry about the bronchitis and fever blister. I think you should cross it off your list and not add it back.

    1. That sounds like what I’ll be doing, as well, kind of babysitting the process for candidates and documenting, beginning to end. Meh to the bronchitis and fever blister — I’m so used to that kind of reaction to change!! Even the good kind.

  3. Once you figure out why your scanner stopped working, could you share?
    Congratulations on the job. Part time and gives you space to write.

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