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Wishing mom a happy Mother’s Day as only siblings can

This is for my sister and anyone else out there with siblings. Still my all-time favorite Mother’s Day wish, it’s brought to you by the ever cheeky Luke and Joe at Barats and Bareta. Feel free to copy it and send it off to your mom!


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6 thoughts on “Wishing mom a happy Mother’s Day as only siblings can

    1. First, let me tell you that I didn’t realize the funny video started with an ad. So I was wondering what was funny about people mud-fighting, and what did it have to do with Mother’s Day. But I got there. To the intended video, that is. And…

      ROFL! Thank you!!

      P.S. I killed your plant today and really, really needed a laugh right about now! 🙂

      1. Oh, sorry about the ad. At first it showed and I made a note of that and then it stopped showing so I removed the note. Can’t win. But, aren’t these guys hysterical? Reminds me of the kinds of thing my sisters and I did. Pick, pick, pick. Glad you enjoyed it! PS, stay away from my plants!

        1. The ad displayed the words “SKIP AD” in large contrasting letters. Even I found it, eventually! And, oh, poor plant. I put it outside in the beautiful spring weather thinking it would enjoy that, but clearly it did not! A perfunctory Internet search NOW tells me this plant prefers indoor living with little light or attention! I’m trying the video on it. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try some cursing. I haven’t given up quite yet.

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