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Repost: Confessions of an Obsessive List Maker

This is a slightly rewritten version of an entry I posted on January 9, 2012, called “Obsessive list making and where it leads.”

Some time ago (July 10, 2010, to be precise) I wrote a piece on HubPages called “Confessions of an Obsessive List Maker.” Looking back, I think it was more of a way to procrastinate than to publish, but it led, recently, to the latter and one of those once-in-a-lifetime stories. (The original HubPages post was written under the name “selenabee.”)

I’m a compulsive list and note person. Notes to remember what to get at the store, phone numbers, lists of things to do. The latter is the bane of my existence. Not only does it serve as a way to keep track of all the niggling little things I have to do, it serves well to leave me in a continual state of frustration.

How a woman’s brain works! Source:

The publishing part of the story started with an email a few weeks ago from Sue Shellenbarger, the Work & Family columnist at the Wall Street Journal who had read the post at HubPages and was interested in interviewing me for a piece she was doing on people who made lists. We corresponded and then talked and the result was a great column she wrote for the WSJ on December 28, 2012, in which I (named as Kim Bauer) was briefly mentioned and one of my daily lists (cleaned up for public consumption because who wants the world to know that I needed to shop for new underwear?) was printed along with one of Johnny Cash’s! (He, by the way, thought it important to remind himself to pee; I, on the other hand, thought it prudent to remove my need to shop for underwear.)

I guess I can now claim I’ve been published in the Wall Street Journal. (Let me have my fantasies!)



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