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Random blog discovery: The Ward-O-Matic

Mr. Handlebar Mustache

Gotta love it! When I was working on my previous post and looking (go ahead, say it, Googling) for a picture of a little girl singing, I came across the coolest blog: The Ward-O-Matic by Ward Jenkins.

“I draw, I animate. I’m just trying to get by.”

Oh, he definitely draws, animates and entertains! And, he’s really into old graphics. I got completely waylaid looking at this post in particular because it made me laugh so hard remembering graphics exactly like this in the 50s.

But, then I started looking further and found that Ward Jenkins has written and illustrated a couple of books: New York, Baby! and San Francisco, Baby!, both available on Amazon.

Two babies go on two big-city adventures, and there are so many exciting sights to see! In New York, Baby!, Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art number among the top destinations; while in San Francisco, Baby!, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Alcatraz are some of the main attractions. Rhyming text and charming illustrations  . . . ~ Amazon

I like that he posts a variety of things, including the picture his daughter drew of a girl singing and her handwritten Christmas list from one year when every item was Barbie-related! He posts timeless graphics, stories, funny sketches and some pretty amazing serious sketches as well. And, he lives right across the river from me, in Portland, Oregon! I like that. There’s a lot to like on his blog.




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