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It’s all about the shoes

In the interest of full disclosure, I love my friends. I really do. They are funny, down-to-earth, warm, loving, caring, and loyal women. They just have some strange addictions.

As one of my best friends, Janna, says, “It’s all about the shoes.” This from a woman who owns enough shoes to shod a small country. She’s beautiful and a total fashionista. She always looks like a million bucks and, I learned recently won’t touch a pair of flip flops!

My other bestie, Ginah, says it’s all about the purses. She’s a Coach collector — literally. She has a couple of hundred Coach collectible purses, as well as the 20 or so she actually uses. Ginah is beautiful, too, but no clothes horse. She’s a Hawaiian Island girl and, like me, she lives for jeans and comfy shirts. And, she loves her flip flops.

This bag is ugly, “out of print” and now costs $1000. Ginah owns it.

The three of us worked together in CA for years and though we’ve gone our separate ways from the job that brought us together, we’ve stayed close and are planning a trip to San Diego together in June.

Louboutin. Red soles, their trademark and oh, so cool, just ask Janna.

Recently the Coach freak posted a photo of a pair of Coach shoes (who knew?) on Facebook and asked Janna if she wanted them. Apparently, Ms. Coach has some sort of frequent-buyer discount. (Notice that she didn’t offer them to me.) Ms. Shoes, or as she rather be known, Ms. Louboutin, replied sniffily that she already had that particular pair. I chimed in that you wouldn’t catch me dead them because while they were cute they had freaking sky-high heels!! I’ve broken or sprained my right ankle six times, so of course I want to wear 6″ heels. I’m over 60 and have earned my flip flops and low heeled shoes.

The most expensive purse available on the Coach website retails for $1,200. And, it’s fugly.

My comment started a snappy word war — mostly Janna picking on me because wouldn’t tell her my shoe size so she could bring a pair of “decent” shoes to San Diego for me. Ginah agreed with me about the shoes but thought instead I should get one of the new Coach purses. Like I’ve got $400+ to spend on a designer purse that I could carry, let’s see, where? The library, the grocery store and the vet??

I think I finally got the last word in the discussion, though. I found and posted the following, which while it doesn’t feature any purses, does feature some mighty ridiculous shoes. I haven’t heard back from either Ginah or Janna. I will be wearing flats and possibly flip flops in San Diego. Ok, maybe a nice pair of sandals.

By the way, I stand corrected. It is Christian Louboutin shoes and Coach bags, not purses. I am apparently seriously out of touch.



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12 thoughts on “It’s all about the shoes

  1. A few years ago, during a particularly bad patch, I found myself wandering around the Prada store on Rodeo Drive. It was sales time and it was my birthday – lethal combination. The sales assistant saw me zeroing in on a large leather purse and chimed in that it was 60% discounted. Wonderful, I replied, picked it up and took it to the register without a glance to the price tag, conveniently hidden in an inside pocket. $900 I did not have were quickly added to my credit card but, you know what? – I felt like a million bucks and I still wear the purse today. Sometimes, it is all about the shoes!

    1. I understand, completely, Claudia, although $900 would have made me faint. (Then, again, I would not likely have been in the Prada store to begin with!) I think almost anyone could say, “It’s all about the . . . ” and fill in something that makes you smile, whatever that might be.

  2. I’m really not into the shoe OR purse trends. I’m so out of it. I go for comfort. And I don’t want a purse that someone would steal for the brand. I guess I just have a paranoid personality, ha. 🙂

    1. I lived in heels for years for work — back about (dare I say it?) 30 years ago. I’m too smart for that now, hmmm, where are my flip flops?

  3. It’s all about the comfort for me, but I have been known to wear sky high heels. At just over 5’10 it’s not like I need it but when I was in my 20’s they were fun. When doing rotation and rounds I found great comfy shoes and stuck with them. I still love a stunning shoe though, and go gaga over a brand. 🙂 I had an ankle reconstruction 20 years ago and my twin brother got me to walk on it by promising a pair of YSL’s. They are great shoes, I still have them.
    Bags….oh I do love bags.

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