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What makes a good blog?

I’ve been searching Google again (Cha-ching! I can feel the royalties pouring in!), this time in search of some good ideas for blog posts. I could wander the aisles of the web via Google for days it seems. One thing always leads to another.

mandalas from:

In my meanderings, I came across a blog called Daisy Yellow written by Tammy,  a “self-taught artist + photographer” who paints in acrylics and watercolors, art journals, makes stitched journals,and draws mandalas. She posted some clever ideas and topic prompts for bloggers and that led to a set of questions that she nudged readers to answer about what they like and don’t like in blogs.

Clip from Jason F. at

Her questions were directed primarily at arts and crafts bloggers (her passion) so I’ve made them a bit more general and invite your responses.

No, the questions to the left are not Tammy’s, nor are they mine. Just good ones to consider now and then when you’re looking for something to do, although they are infinitely more pertinent to life than “I can haz cheezeburger?” (Read on.)

The questions:

1. What would you like to see more of on blogs?
2. What wouldn’t you miss?
3. What catches your eye first on a new blog?
4. What draws you to continue reading a blog?
5. What would make you stop reading a blog?
6. What advice would you offer a new blogger?

My answers:

1. I like the personal touch where I feel like I’m getting to know something about the blogger.

2. Long posts. They are harder to read. No matter how well-written and interesting, it’s too much for one sitting when I’m trying to read several blogs.

3. Easy-on-the-eyes blogs: colorful but not cluttered, readable fonts, and left justified type — these all make posts easy to read and that’s why I’m there. I also like good titles, photos, art, drawings, and internet photos to break up the copy.

What self respecting cat (or person) talks like this?? Photo:

4. Good writing (or photography, or art, or … anything good), something thoughtful or funny. A blogger who shows a bit of him/herself.

From a great post by WP blogger at

5. A blog not updated regularly; repetitive cute kitten and puppy photos with cute sayings on them (“I has been gud, I wants cheezeburger.”).

6. Most of these I’ve learned from others. Blog regularly. Keep posts a reasonable length. Read other blogs. Respond to comments. Follow and comment on blogs you like. Write so that you are happy with it; as a fellow blogger told me,”the “minions will come.”

Your turn!



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

13 thoughts on “What makes a good blog?

    1. Dear Minion, thank you. I will keep this short. I will not, however, be using any paragraph breaks. I will be writing a novel. Just not here!

      Thanks, Tammy!

  1. I agree with the need for brevity. I now try to keep my posts between 400-700 words. My earlier ones were longer before I appreciated the brevity in posts!

  2. 1. What would you like to see more of on blogs? Personal experiences, funny moments and how to.

    2. What wouldn’t you miss? Pintrest photos of impossibily perfect homes and long long posts. I just don’t have the time and would rather spend that time on a novel frankly. I like people who get to the point.

    3. What catches your eye first on a new blog? A good format, easy to find comment button and a good writing style. Some history about the blogger is good.

    4. What draws you to continue reading a blog? Their writing style and some kind of connection but that is a link I can not explain. It just is.

    5. What would make you stop reading a blog? Repetitive. Failure to reply to any comments ( I understand it’s hard to reply to every single one, but if I’ve commented a number of times and had no feedback I wonder if they are writing for a different audience.)

    6. What advice would you offer a new blogger? I am one 🙂 Persistance. Not too many people will visit to begin with. Reply to comments. Get out and about in blogland and visit compatible blogs. Bring a tea cake, it’s only polite to pay a blog call with cake. Write one because you want to, not for what it might bring you.

    1. I love the tea cake idea! I also love chocolate anything, so please consider that when coming to visit me!! I like the way you said, “write one because you want to, not for what it might bring you.” Much better than I said it.

  3. I admit, my favourite blogs tend to be the short sharp ones. They are the ones I keep going back to. I like humour and the writing style makes a great difference. I like to read about writting progress too.

    1. Good response. I’d like to WRITE about my writing progress as much as you would like to read about it, but unfortunately there hasn’t been much lately!

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