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Random blog discovery: Backyard Gardening Blog

Ok, I did not know this. At the risk of this blog becoming a one-note wonder (aka toilet humor; see previous post), I just have to share this.

Come on. You didn't really think I would post a pic of my husband mowing the lawn naked, did you?? Photo from

While looking for a gardening blog today I came across this interesting piece. I will have to hide it from my husband, however. He’s famous for mowing the (back)yard in his natural state;  this could be the final straw.

“So we have come to this, you’ve heard of the “golden rule” but this is perhaps the “golden question” can you use pee to fertilize your garden?

The answer is yes. Not only have you been wasting a perfectly good nitrogen source down your toilet, you’ve also been using water unnecessarily too. My city bills me for water usage, and I figure every time I pee outside I’m saving a nickle while providing free fertilizer to my garden.”

To read on (yes, there’s more!), visit the Backyard Gardening Blog. It is chock full of great ideas, information and how-to-do-it-photos. A great read.



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