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A really messy blog about nothing

A while back I realized there was no way I could keep up with my grand idea to discover one new blog a day and post about it. I decided to try to do it occasionally but couldn’t come up with a name for it. The old name (“Blog-a-day discovery”) was easy, but how do you gracefully say “I’m-going-to-use-this-idea-but-do-it-less-frequently-since-I’m-too-freaking-lazy-to-keep-up-with-it-daily”?

I thought about “Occasional blog-a-day discovery” but that made no sense. Then I looked at other options like random, periodically, every-so-often, sporadic, sometimes, once-in-a-while, once in a blue moon (I rather like this one!),rarely or seldom. You know, there really aren’t that many options.

Did you know you could use this stuff as a face mask??!! (

With the able “help” of fellow blogger Dave, I considered “temporary irregularity” and a big dose of Milk of Magnesia (MOM), thank you. Then, another great blogger, Anita, came to his rescue (and mine) with “temporary regularity.”

After I recovered from the mental image of those suggestions, I decided on “fairly random blog discovery.” Adequate, if boring. Honestly, now that I’m writing this I’m tempted to try something like “sporadic blog discovery” but I think reads a bit too much like I’m describing the blog as sporadic, not the writer’s effort. In fact, any adjective in front of “blog” makes it sound like I’m describing the blog, not the writer.

*sigh* How can any one thing cause such distress? (Distress causes another iffy mental image.)

I toyed with “explosive blog discovery” (Sounds like another iteration of Dave’s “temporary irregularity,” though, I think. A bit, um, you know, messy.)

How about, “Call it what you want; I found one!” No comment.

Or, “Not regular enough to be called blog-a-day discovery.”  I can’t help but feel this seems like I should be on my way to the pharmacist for some help. (As should this entire blog; it could stand a good flush.)

“Occasionally regular” — still reeks of Milk of Magnesia.

Then there’s the simple, “Hey look what I found: another blog!” Ugh.

Does anyone see a pattern of blue (color and topic) developing here? (/

I suppose I could try “IGTUTIBDITLFSITFLTKUWID” a really nifty take off on “I’m-going-to-use-this-idea-but-do-it-less-frequently-since-I’m-too-freaking-lazy-to-keep-up-with-it-daily”? (I can’t believe I just wrote that. Forgive me.)

Or, I could just chuck the idea. But, I often quit things that seem difficult in  the first five seconds, so, I just need to stick just this one out.

Maybe, “MOM’s blog discovery.” Now, wait.  Before you ask who mom is, consider that this gives Dave and Anita some credit for their naming efforts (regularity, irregularity, MOM) and connotes comfort. Also, it will have anyone who hasn’t read this post wondering who the heck MOM is. It’ll be like a little secret between friends, many of whom may now stop reading this blog.

Desperate blogger. (

I’m desperate. Maybe that’s a good theme, “Desperate blog discovery.” No. Maybe not. At this point I’m considering, “Semi-Annual Blog Discovery” because naming is taking so long that I may be able to do it only twice a year. Also along those lines, the “Once in a while blog discovery.” That way I won’t feel pressured to do it even once a year.

I’m beginning to feel brain freeze/writer’s block coming on. I’m going with “Discovering new blogs.” (By the way, you can’t believe how many times I rewrote that last sentence because I kept changing my mind.)

WAIT! I just decided to use “Another cool blog discovery.”

WAIT. I can’t decide. I feel a bit like Seinfeld who could make a whole show out of nothing.



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

6 thoughts on “A really messy blog about nothing

  1. The whole time I was reading this post, I was thinking, “I’m going to tell her it sounds like a Seinfeld episode.” And then, I read your last line and laughed out loud. Guess we’re thinking along the same lines. Good luck committiing. I’m wondering what you’d be like buying a car…

  2. How about posting one blog linking all your discoveries for that week, your right it was a Seinfeld moment, funnily I’m watching season4 where they write there show about nothing, gotta love George.

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