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Beautiful old things: Buttons

Buttons have always played an integral part in my life.

Bead and Needle

. . . if you count lingering in the button racks when fabric shopping as a child with my mom. Mom always knew where to find me (in the days when you could still leave your child somewhat unguarded) — fingering the button cards. They talked to me and I spent my allowance to bring them home with me.

. . . if you count a short story I once wrote about a woman who went mad, had a giggling breakdown, and had to be hauled away in a white coat while trying to decide among the many choices at the button racks. (I think they spoke to her as well.)

. . . if you count the antique jars full of old buttons that I use as door stops around my house.

Art Deco: Celebrating the Jazz Age (1920s-1930s)

. . . if you consider the hours I’ve spent in antique stores and thrift shops selecting buttons that will be much admired but never used for much more than filling those antique door-stop jars.

Or, if you count the old buttons I buy on eBay or find at yard sales. Estate sales usually have an intriguing selection of old buttons. Does everyone keep old buttons thinking one day they will have a use for them?

While I’m a junky for old buttons, I have a healthy respect for new ones, too, as they prevent me from going out in public with my shirt flapping wildly in the wind. But old buttons that have my heart.

Vintage Buttons

I’m not sure what the attraction is; can anyone actually explain the feeling they get when they find something old to treasure? Something that makes them wonder in a button-y kind of way? I like to think it’s about my love of history, or rather the people who lived in history. Who was the fine lady who bought the buttons> Did she add them to a high-necked blouse she wore for her beau?

I wonder even more at the full cards of antique buttons that were never used. Were they bought (as I often do with new ones) to use for a specific project and then set aside as other buttons were finally selected?

Who know? I just love them; can’t explain it.

Art Deco: Celebrating the Jazz Age (1920s-1930s)
Bead and Needle
Vintage Buttons



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9 thoughts on “Beautiful old things: Buttons

  1. I remember a big glass jar full of buttons, very old ones, as it was full and no one had taken that jar down for a long time. It was coated in dust and the lid too tight to open, but I would stand on a stool and turn it, looking at the colours and designs inside.

  2. My nana had a red tin box full of odd buttons. I remember playing with them all through my childhood and wish now that I’d kept that box full of memories.

    1. A red tin box, how wonderful! Kind of memory in itself, and then filled with buttons, too. It’s amazing how the smallest things get stuck in a little corner of our minds, isn’t it?

  3. No need for explanation. If you enjoy something, you enjoy it! I wish there was a way for you to display your buttons so that others could enjoy them, too. Stuck in a jar, I belive your buttons are crying to be free and show their brillance to the world! All joy in enjoying your buttons–and bows, if you like. HF

    1. I think they are so appealing when you’re young because they have color and texture — natural appeal for a child. Glad the post prompted your memories.

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