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Blog-a-day discovery: Lost in Sicilia

As we sped towards Siracusa on Saturday, the gray clouds that hovered over Catania were gradually replaced by gorgeous sunshine and strong winds. The water around the little island of Ortigia was noisy with crashing waves that seemed much more like ocean than sea. But once away from the shore and protected by the tight network of the island’s narrow streets there was no wind at all. A great day for wandering around this beautiful town. ~ Lost in Sicilia

Lost in Sicilia is a blog written by an American expat mom about her travels and adventures in Sicily. I discovered it today while looking for more information about Italy, moving and living there. She writes about places she visits in Sicily, the culture, and about raising children there. A good read with lots of photos to dream on!

Between visits to Italy (till we can retire there) I can’t help but want to read everything I can get my hands on. And, take a look back through some of our Italy photos.

The town of Ortigia that she mentions is out on a little peninsula just beyond Siracusa, and was a favorite when we visited Sicily in July 2009. We swam in the Ionian Sea, strolled the streets till late at night, and even found a way to make up for missing our cats!

Swimming in the Ionian Sea, Ortigia, July 2009
Curious cats (two stories up), Ortigia, July 2009
Piazza del Duomo, Ortigia, July 2009


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