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The Science of Peeps

Who thought up the Easter Bunny and all that candy? I mean, where does it talk about this in the Bible and isn’t this a religious holiday? I’m guessing it was a dentist who was trying to bribe his kids to go to church, and that’s the tie-in. Hmmm?

Despite my once-a-year lust for Cadbury Creme Eggs, my favorite “candy” at Easter is (are?) actually Peeps! And, before you start rolling your eyes or stop reading, please. What other sugar-laden crap can you buy and be assured you won’t eat? And, what other adorable, inedible, marshmallow-puffed, sugar-coated, neon-hued creatures can you torture with such abandon?

Seriously. I don’t know who eats these things. But, I know who buys them. I do. So do a multitude of others with sick minds. I offer the following in support of this: there are now actual Peeps & Co. retail stores! You know nobody actually eats that many Peeps so they must be buying them for something.Even Peeps acknowledges a creative use . . .

We saw long ago that our fans love to create with Peeps. ~ Aubrecia Cooper, of Peeps & Co.

She’s referring to things like Peeps dioramas. (Turn up the up the music really LOUD on that link, you’ll thank me for it.) Cute stuff.

This is a Farm-Peep-Ville diorama. This is art.

Sadly, Peeps doesn’t as openly embrace the darker side. Like better living through the study of Peeps. And, the joys of Peepshi!

This is Peepshi. This is the dark side.
This is science. It doesn't get much darker.

Peeps is now making a chocolate-dipped “chick.” Man, what a waste of chocolate. Here’s the dilemma: to leave the dark side just once to taste this new gourmet treat or to attempt a new scientific discovery? Alas, so many Peeps and so few cans of gasoline, matches, forks, knives and other tools of destruction science.



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

13 thoughts on “The Science of Peeps

    1. Oh, come on, Derek, admit that ou’ve tried one. It’s kind of like admitting you’ve tried heroin or those little orangey-ish, peanut shaped thingies that also come out around this time of year.

      (Be really outre and admit that you actually liked it!)

    1. And, do you like plain Peeps, too, or was it just the chocolate that you enjoyed? If you’re like me, almost anything covered in chocolate is tasty!

  1. I used to work with a woman who saved her Peeps for months as she preferred eating them once they hardened. People apparently take their Peeps seriously. And the other day, I saw Peeps on a stick in WalMart. Kind of like a Peep-Shish kebab, I guess. Oh, and the last bit of education I will impart upon what you’ve already enlightened us with: I heard on the news that someone is marketing deep fried Cadbury Eggs. If that doesn’t get your arteries quaking, I don’t know what will. 🙂

    1. Oh my. I thought fried Snickers or Oreos was the depth of our depravity. I stand corrected! I love both but both were totally dreadful deep fried.

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