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Marshmallows for Christ?

Aaack! I admit that I went Googling this afternoon for other oddities of Easter (besides Peeps). But slap me silly — look what I found!

Resurrection Rolls for Easter

According to a children’s ministry site, you should “make these buns the night before Easter to serve to children on Easter morning. Children will enjoy biting into these buns to find that they’re empty-just as Jesus’ tomb was empty on Easter morning.”

Tombs of Christ. Really?

Ok, this is just so wrong. I’m not religious but from my point of view nothing shares the depth of passion and commitment you have for Christianity better than giving your kid a sugary, hollow little bun, telling him it’s like the tomb of Christ and Christ was the marshmallow.

Here’s the recipe, direct from a site that should have an inside track.



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4 thoughts on “Marshmallows for Christ?

  1. Wow. I’m a firm believer that any hollow spots in food should either be filled with chocolate, jam, or cheese. These rolls just seem disappointing; as in “oh look….less food than I thought I was getting.” Kids get ripped off enough – give ’em a whole roll. 🙂

  2. “Better make sure they’re fully cooked, or those little tots could be seriously traumatized.” Now here’s a man who gets it! Little stringy pieces of marshmallow . . . I’m not even going to finish that sentence.

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