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Why paint chips make me crazy

We haven’t owned a home in two years and probably won’t again until my husband retires and we relocate (to Italy if all goes as planned). And, I miss it. We have a home, just not our own, we rent.

But that doesn’t stop the “missing” part. And, lots of things trigger that longing. For instance yesterday, I got a triple whammy. At our local Home Depot, we passed the paint aisle and the paint chips spoke to me. “Wouldn’t I be a beautiful color for a kitchen?” “Take me home; I’d look wonderful on your living room wall.” paint chip wall

I had to stop and touch a few of them and think about how much I missed being able to pick colors and decorate my house. (Since my husband does all the painting, he would probably like you to know that I once changed the green of our bedroom NINE times. Which doesn’t mean that he actually painted the room nine times because it was rally only three full paint overs. The other six were just painting huge swatches so I could live with them for a while before deciding. And, please, don’t anyone show that paint chip wall photo to my husband because he’ll do ALL our walls that way.)

Unfortunately, as my husband pulled me away from the paint chips (“Step away from the pretty colors.”) we happened past the magazine rack and the latest issue of Sunset caught my eye. (We’ve let our subscription to the magazine expire because I wanted to tear out all the pictures and save them for when we owned another home. Rather, I should say add them to the files of pictures and ideas I have already saved.) I’m a sucker for lovely patios and gardens and flowers and wicker furniture and all the rest.

At that point we might have made it out the door, but the exit we chose was through the garden department and I was a goner. It’s spring and there are so many colorful little plants to be brought home, so many spring-flowering trees that need a good home.

I was tempted to throw a hissy fit (wallowing around on the floor crying and stomping my feet like a three-year-old) but was appeased by the promise of a frozen yogurt on the way home (also much like a three-year-old).

Hissy fits and frozen yogurt don’t completely fill the void but until we make the next trip to Home Depot I do have the latest issues of Country Living, This Old House, and Handyman tucked under my bed to get me through. Those subscriptions haven’t expired yet.



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6 thoughts on “Why paint chips make me crazy

  1. I too am a goner for paint chips. My family never know what colour any room night be when they come home. I find paint addictive and am painting my kitchen doors at the moment.
    I collect magazines and have too many to store. I feel for you.

      1. LOL you are a true colourholic. They are antique white with a blue splash back. Once I am finished I will post a very amateur picture. I am a horrible photographer.

    1. Yes, how true. I limit myself these days to House Hunters International when it features Italy. I’m not crazy enough (yet) to torture myself with all the other cool shows. I LOVE that channel!

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