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Pickiness 2: An update

I’ve spent endless hours perfecting my second blog. So much time in fact that I haven’t had an opportunity to actually post in either blog. I think I may not have my priorities straight, but it does tend to be my style. I like niggling with things until they are right. Sometimes to distraction.

When I was a meeting/event planner (in another life), I had to design invitations, participant packets with schedules, activities, general information, etc., and all the other collateral that goes with conferences. I also had to make all the other arrangements (food, lodging, meeting space, activities) but I often found I had the most fun creating the collateral.

I loved to get things just right — spacing, type style and size, images, designs. I could spend hours on each piece, find my day gone in the minutiae, working until a piece was perfect. Or not, and then I’d have to spend another day at it.

When you write a post for your blog, do you just write it and publish it? Or, do you, like me, spend a good deal of time editing, proofing* and changing? I was astounded to see that I had edited one of the posts on this blog nine times! (Sadly, I think the post was only about 500 words and had three images. Worse, I think it was one of the posts I edited least.)

Yes, I use the preview button, but it isn’t always accurate — when you see the actual post like a reader would it often lays out differently or the images don’t fit properly. And, being a typical writer I also often find ways to word things better or make them less wordy (How do you write anything in just a few words??).

Someone once asked me if I could ever stop “fixing” something, if it was ever “finished” to my satisfaction. I answered, “Of course!” feigning offense. Far be it from me to be known as a perfectionist!

If anyone here calls me that they will be disavowed, maybe dismembered. Never mind that what I took 10 minutes to write this and will now take another 10 20 to fine tune it, add images, and edit. I’m so obsessive well-adjusted, balanced, sane, stable.

*My proofing is not always perfect because once you’ve written something and read it once you tend to start overlooking your errors. We read in phrases or sentences, making it even more difficult to catch misspellings. (And don’t tell me about spell check — it can’t catch the difference between “thing” and “think” because they are both spelled correctly — and that can be a big deal when you’re writing.) A printer I once worked with taught me to read my copy backwards because reading one word at a time makes it easier to catch spelling errors.



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

6 thoughts on “Pickiness 2: An update

  1. Hah, I enjoyed this. I tend to overedit and somehow it always leads to MORE mistakes, because I make mistakes in the edited version more than in the original. I will go back and edit something that nobody is ever going to look at again, because I just can’t stand to see the mistake. 🙂

    1. Oh, how I understand this! I’m prone to mistakes in the edits because when I move sentences around I sometimes don’t fix them so they fit…hence loads of grammatical errors.

  2. This is very timely. This morning I was thinking about this and asking myself why I can’t stop editing. I can’t stop myself from going back to the beginning and fixing, rather than moving on. Vexing. It’s the reason , I think, that I haven’t written in months. OK, one of them.

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