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Hey, I like plain doughnuts!

I love donuts. Never used to but all it took was my diabetes counselor to name them as one of the “forbidden” foods for me to decide to try one. Alas, I determined I couldn’t live without them. I like crullers, buttermilks, old fashions, jelly filled, Boston cremes, glazed . . . well, you get the picture. These days I rarely meet a donut I don’t like. So, when I get the urge and can’t resist, I settle for a plain cake.

A 12-year old girl (somewhere on the east coast because she refers to Dunkin’ Donuts which don’t exist on my coast) wrote the above essay in response to the following writing assignment:

Which one of the following four types of doughnut doesn’t belong?

A) Glazed
B) Chocolate
C) Jelly
D) Plain

I love that she considers “plain” donuts nothing more than bagels! Hey, I love bagels and damned if they aren’t considered off limits, too! Kids (and non-diabetics) have all the fun.

And, who spells out doughnuts anymore, anyway?



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