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Books for pennies

If you’re a reader or writer I suggest you take a look at Good Reads, if you aren’t there already. It’s a great site for all things “bookie” like book lists, reading suggestions, book ratings, trivia and great quotes.

I love books but find hardbacks hard to hold and tote, especially because I read/carry them with me everywhere. I know, I know, have I never heard of Kindle and Nook??

I’ve been considering getting one, but in the meantime I prefer to have a book that I can fold in half or get wet, and one that  fits as easily into my budget as it does my purse or gym bag.

In addition to Good Reads, I also love Paperback Swap where you can swap books with other avid readers for just the price of media mail postage. Another good source for inexpensive paperbacks is Thrift Books. Books for pennies (literally) and the cost of postage.

I’d love to hear of other sources for inexpensive book (especially paperbacks), so please share if you have suggestions.



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