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Non/plussed, stressed, and mouse-flavored antibiotics

I’m suffering from full-time density (as in “the quality or state of being dense”).  A few days ago my husband had surgery and I’ve been caring for him 24/7 since. Hence the vacuous smile and senseless thoughts. ~ If nonplussed means “utterly perplexed; completely puzzled” then what’s the opposite? Plussed? And, why does everyone use the word nonplussed to mean “undisturbed, unimpressed, indifferent”?

~ Why the oral antibiotics the vet gives my cat smell like (and taste like?) bubblegum instead of mouse. (And, yes, in the middle of taking care of my husband, I’m caring for a sick cat, too. Unfortunately, so far I’m wearing most of the bubblegum flavored/smelling/looking antibiotic. Fortunately, my husband swallows his meds instead of spitting them at me.)

~ Why is a spoon called a spoon and not “fork”….this one has been bugging me since I was a grade-schooler.

~ What does “taste tested” mean when it’s on a pet food can? By whom?

It’s probably a natural response to stress. The brain needs to be doing something and mine can’t handle much more than stupid stuff while emptying the catheter, making juice, helping my husband out of bed, keeping the meds schedule on track (animal and human), straightening covers and plumping pillows. Etc., etc.

I’m exhausted, just doing such mundane tasks. I finally realized today that being a loved one can be almost as stressful as being the patient. I have great respect people who are providing long-term care, whether for a family member or for a living. One word, patience. Enough said.



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