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Lost socks = found ideas

Another sleepless night. Actually, not completely sleepless. I seem to go to sleep well, but wake up frequently and sometimes find myself awake for hours. Last night was no different. Sometimes I worry about things; even if there’s not much to worry about my middle-of-the-night-self can find something. Sometimes, I write. In my head. Usually it’s during those times that I write some of my best stuff. The thoughts come easily and the words just seem to flow together with little editing.

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I rarely remember my thoughts or beautiful words in the morning, however. Isn’t that usually the case? I’ve tried different methods for resolving that problem. I’ve kept paper and pencil near the bed to jot down ideas…..which seem like so much crappy, random scribbling in the morning.

I’ve tried waking my husband to tell him everything so he can help me remember all the high points. He (who claims never to dream, should have nothing else to remember until morning, right?) promises me he will keep my musing foremost in his brain. He forgets.

I’ve tried getting up to write the ideas down. My computer sits at the ready, always hoping to the the vehicle to the next great American novel. But in the few steps from the bedroom to the desk, whoosh! It’s all gone.

Back on point, last night was another one of those nights. The great idea had something to do with three times in my life that tied together to make an earth-shattering revelation that was just screaming to be freed from my head and unleashed on the world! It was colossal! It was boff, pow, boom, bang….I can’t remember it.

So, I found this great idea for recovering and matching up lost socks. (Don’t even try to tell me you don’t have lost socks floating around out there somewhere, much like my lost words.) I’m going to make a board with clothespins to hang above my desk and label it “lost words and ideas” or better yet maybe “brilliant lost words and ideas” would be more of an enticement to all those that are lost. You know, flattering encouragement to get them to sneak back in the middle of the night and pin themselves to the board! Kind of like when the elves come in to clean house, right?

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

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