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Is it plagiarism?

Being a writer, I’m leery of plagiarism and concerned about being guilty of plagiarizing the work of others that I find on the internet. I’ve been cautious about providing sources for what I post here but I wonder if it’s enough. I found an interesting article about plagiarism, directed at ESL students, but much of it seemed applicable so I thought I’d except some of it here.I’m interested in your thoughts, too. Should I be asking each time I want to use something? A photo, a blunt card?

Check here for the full article:

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an illegal form of copying. It means taking another person’s work (without asking) and calling it your own. Copying an entire essay or story and calling it your own is plagiarism. Copying one sentence word-for-word without “quotations” is plagiarism.

Examples of plagiarism

  • copying and pasting from the Internet and posting somewhere else without proper citation
  • copying exact wording from another person’s text
  • using another person’s photo, diagram, sounds, or ideas without proper citation

. . . . why plagiarism is taken so seriously . . . . authors and artists work very hard to create original work. They deserve the credit.

Reasons NOT to Plagiarize . . . . it is unfair to the true author.

Myth: “The Internet is a Public Domain.”
This is not true! Most Internet content, including images, is protected by copyright. You need permission to use it. You also need to credit the author or creator.

Text on the Internet is no different than text in a book or newspaper. Anything that another person writes, including email, is copyright protected. Internet plagiarism often involves copying text or images from websites, blogs, forums and social media sites.

Copying from the Internet is very easy to do. . . . The World Wide Web is a growing international community. It loses its reputation when copyright rules are broken.



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