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384 friends on Facebook?!

I just saw a friend’s post on FB about why you shouldn’t have more than 384 friends on FB. Actually, I think he reposted something he’d read on the Washington Post Reader. At any rate, without reading the post, it got me to thinking about Facebook and how people have so many “friends” there.

I think I have 150 or so. I have them divided into two groups: the ones I actually care to hear from and want to spend time reading their posts (about 20). These I labeled “close friends” and they can see all my posts and I, all of theirs.

Then, there’s everyone else, including those who were “friended” to begin with only because they asked to be or were suggested by others and I felt bad not doing it or I thought it would be fun to catch up with them.

Later I wanted to “unfriend” them because I them found to be incredibly boring. Or, found their views were alien to my own or that they hadn’t changed a bit in the 50 years since high school (and I didn’t like them much then). Or, they posted ONLY about their religion, children’s new teeth, cat’s barf, husband’s latest transgression (yep, you read that right, *sigh*), their arthritis, etc.

This latter group I’ve designated “acquaintances” and hidden all their posts. They can see some of my posts and I can see none of theirs unless they respond to the few of mine they can see.

For a while I posted and commented on friends’ posts quite a bit and some my friends told me I was a junkie. True, that. I posted things from the internet, funny pictures, the tamer of those great, rude “bluntcards”, photos, quotes, and my own updates. Then I realized I did post way too much and felt thwarted and, frankly, unloved. No one cared what I posted! Imagine. Life is cruel.

It’s ok. I knew I was just using FB to avoid writing anyway. The two or three hours a day I set aside for writing was being wasted on Facebook and cruising my favorite places on the internet for fun stuff to post on FB. I felt guilty, yes, but I was having fun. And, living in denial. My favorite state, by the way.

Recently, I decided I just needed to get a grip and go cold turkey somehow. It was at about the same time that I realized I was really kind of sick of most of the “close friends” I had on FB anyway. Honestly, my closest friends (in “real” life) were keeping in touch with me in other ways and we just used FB to make snarky remarks to each other for fun anyhow.

About that same time I got sick and spent about five days under the covers not caring if I had friends or acquaintances or even toes or fingers. I just wanted to sleep. I didn’t miss FB a bit. And, it was a revelation! When I came around and got back on FB I discovered I didn’t really care. My favorite sarcastic/black humor friends (made on FB) had turned over a new leaf and were no longer rude and funny–they were actually discussing the meaning of God in their lives! (What happened to the polls about which celebrity would die next?) I decided if I couldn’t post as much as I wanted, as often as I wanted, and was limited as to what I could say as well (I always had been, I felt, in fear of offending someone), I needed another outlet.

So,, here I am. Suffer, bitches. I don’t need 384 friends on Facebook. (That really is too many.) I don’t even need 150.

Now, 384 followers on Word Press…..that would be nice!



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

3 thoughts on “384 friends on Facebook?!

  1. I am starting to unfriend people I don’t care about. I think I just need less in my life. Less of what? Well, just LESS. In general. Sometimes too much of a good thing (or anything, for that matter) is just too much. 🙂

  2. hahaha! I totally understand! that is also why I transfered my random thoughts to word press. Also…I could chose what I read.. rather than being subjected to other people’s boring status updates about how many layers of wall paper they stripped off the wall today! yawn!
    Also… I can now extend my random thoughts to more than the restricted Facebook stauts word limit! Hurrah! win win!

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