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Being right

I’ve spent the past few days moving posts from my earlier blogs to this site, fine tuning photos and categories and changing my theme. All obsessive compulsive tweeks, I guess. But, I’m just one of those people who likes things right. Oops. There it is again. “Right.”

I am kind of obsessive about being “right.” I’m known for thinking and saying that something just isn’t “right.”

For instance, I never cease to be amazed at how badly people treat each other. It just isn’t right. It’s also not right how people treat animals and other living things. How little respect humans have for the environment. How with just a little more effort this could be such a kinder, gentler place to be….you know, picking up a piece of trash even if you didn’t drop it, returning your cart (or someone else’s) to the cart stand or into the store, letting someone merge in front of you, letting someone with just a few items go ahead of you in the line at the store when you’ve got a full cart–you know the kind of things I’m talking about. The things that are just “right” and would make life a little nicer, a little easier for all of us.

I have a friend who reminds me now and then (when I’m on one of my sad little tangents about how no one really cares enough to take just two minutes to be kind anymore, two minutes to just do the right thing) that I am likely never to be happy, that I’m destined to be “right” and miserable on this topic for the rest of my days.

I think that’s sad. So, I try to limit myself to doing what I know is right. I take in stray animals, neuter/spay them and get them basic shots then find them homes (which brings no end of eye-rolling from my patient husband and cats), give money to homeless people on street corners, donate clothes to the local shelters, smile at people and say “good morning” as I pass, hold open doors for people, and, yes, even clean up my blog so that it’s “right.”

Maybe no one else will notice, but it makes me feel a little less miserable. And, it’s right.



I'm a writer making my way through life and offering observations as I go. Old enough to know better but that doesn't stop me.

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