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More from Dolce far niente: Cefalu 6/29/11

Why Cefalu?

“This small fishing village, now a resort thanks to its good sandy beaches, lies on a strip of land between the sea and a huge promontory looming above. Cefalu was founded in the 4th century BC, but destroyed by the Norman Court Roger in 1063. It only regained prominence thanks to his son Roger II, who endowed the village with a bishopric and church decorated with exceptional Byzantine mosaics. The modern holiday resort lies to either side of the town because the village itself has closed its doors to the sea, fortified itself against storms with tall protective stone walls, and focuses its attentions inwards.” ~ Top 10 Sicily, DK Eyewitness Travel

So, why Cefalu? First, recognize that it’s only the “wish” location for today. I tend to get fixated on a place and learn all I can about it until I find something I’m not too fond of about it, or discover some other location that takes my fantasy. This is, after all, just that at this point, “fantasy.” Since the move is a few years off and you can’t really decided on a place by just reading about it and looking at pretty pictures (they never show the ugly ones or tell you the ugly stuff in books! Even I’m a realist enough to know this.), these are only ideas of places to consider when we take the next vacation to Italy.

So, back to why Cefalu. Beach, small, fishing village, Mediterranean climate, old (not totally rebuilt), and “focuses its attentions inwards” which I read to mean the action, so to speak, in the city, is in the old “village” part of the city.

What seems “not so” for me, are the multitude of palm trees. I’m more a pine and fir type.

By the way, it’s chef-a-lu with a hard “ch” and the emphasis on the last syllable.



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