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January funk and the 10 commandments of health

I’m in a bit of a funk…blame it on January as it has always been my least favorite month. No particular reason, just that it seems long and tedious, I guess.

I paint my toenails in seasons when I wear open-toed shoes, that would be three seasons a year. And, in winter I usually give them a rest, ’cause who can see them. But this January I decided the funk needed a bit of a boot in the pants so I found a very vivid turquoise polish and have set about giving my toenails a sassy paint job. The color is called “fairy teal.” Precious enough for you? Makes me want to insert a photo here of someone sticking a finger down their throat.

Anyway, while looking about for other ways to get me out of the doldrums (neat old word, huh?) I stumbled across the following “The 10 Commandments of Health” in the January-February issue of the AARP Bulletin. Created in 1928 by Dr. George W. Calver, the first doctor hired for the U.S. Congress, the list gives simple guidelines for achieving and maintaining good health. They seem pretty simple and straight-forward to me.

Eat wisely

Drink plentifully (water)

Eliminate thoroughly

Bathe cleanly

Exercise rationally

Accept inevitables (don’t worry)

Play enthusiastically

Relax completely

Sleep sufficiently

Check up occasionally

Some years later, apparently, he also added: PS, Give 5% of your time to keeping well. You won’t have to give 100% getting over being sick.

I only have to ask myself if these things seems so simple, why don’t I find them so easy to follow? I know how to eat wisely and exercise rationally, I just rarely do. I certainly sleep sufficiently. I find I don’t play enthusiastically or relax completely and think that may have to do with not bathing cleaning. No, serious, I just said that to see if you were reading this! Actually, I think playing and relaxing have something to do with being able to give up the worrying part. I have serious difficulty with that. I have to assume I’m eliminating and bathing properly and, if checking up occasionally means doctors, I’m sure I’m getting that part done.

In fact, as I get older, I find I am never sick in the sense that I never get sick. I don’t have colds or flu or headaches or other ailments. I have the illnesses of old age and poor general health….deteriorating eyesight, weight issues, diabetes. Is it too late to start over? Would I have done it differently if I had known where I would end up health-wise? I never listened when I was young and people told me to take care of my body–I always knew better. Didn’t we all?

Kind of begs the old question: Is youth wasted on the young? I still think not. You just have to smile and think back to all the silly things you did when you were a kid. In some cases you’re probably lucky to be alive. And, youth is probably meant to be a time to be “wasted” on having a good time.

That thought alone may be enough to lift me out of my January funk. That and the fairy teal toenails.



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